A Clearer Head

My head is now feeling less bruised. Thank god these migraines don’t occur that frequently anymore and are far less severe than they used to be. A few years ago I’d have been out of comission for days. (This is all down to not eating chocolate or cheese or red wine.) Following the funeral of […]

Someday No-one Will March There At All

I’ve had a migraine today so this isn’t going to be the most intelligent post ever so I’ll keep it brief. As it was the funeral of Harry Allingham earlier, I thought this was appropriate. Affecting song and wonderful, heart breaking words. And the words (from the Pogues’ version): When I was a young man […]

Niki Aguirre Interview

I’m really pleased to be able to interview another writer I admire a great deal here on the blog. This time it’s the brilliant Niki Aguirre, author of the equally brilliant 29 Ways to Drown. So. Niki Aguirre, what is 29 Ways to Drown? 29 Ways is my first collection of stories published in late […]

Ooh Lovely

These came in the post yesterday, Nude and Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes. I have much good reading to look forward to. *** And it’s my birthday. I’m 28. I was 25 when I wrote about a young boy and Romans. A hell of a lot has changed since then and I’m sure a […]

Getting in the Way

Real life can get in the way of writing at times. As can barking dogs and everyone deciding to cut their hedges at once, noisily. So it’s not been a productive week thus far for me. But I am, as ever, curious (nosy??); writers, what stops you from writing?

Tamar Yellin Interview

Here’s, as promised, an interview with the brilliant Tamar Yellin.   A huge and very warm welcome to my blog, Tamar. It’s a genuine pleasure to have you here. Can we start with you telling us all a little about what you do? Thanks, Nik. I’m delighted to be here. I guess my qualification for […]

A Lovely Mention

So last week I got up to date with everything I’d been struggling with over the past couple of months. Now I’m trying to get everything organised. And get back to writing.  This is good. What’s also good (or, well, terrific and pleasing and affirming and all sorts of nice adjectives) is this mention, of […]

Shaindel Beers Interview

As you probably know I’ve been rather excited about Shaindel Beers’ poetry collection, A Brief History of Time, so just imagine how excited I am about having her here on my blog. Yes. Very. Welcome to the blog, Shaindel. It’s a true pleasure to have you here. So, who are you? What do you do? […]

Happy Reading

Mr Postman brought me this a couple of days ago. I had been excited about receiving it for a good while. And look at what the lovely author wrote in it. But the question is: did I like it? And I can tell you, I absolutely loved it. I read it in one go. Front […]

A Brilliant Show

Yesterday evening I went to see The Fourpenny Circus, which, says the website, is ‘a lightly staged poetry show which combines good live literature with silliness, sadness and stagecraft‘ – and it was really, really good. Funny in (plenty of) places, sad in others and on one or two occasions even a little rude. I […]