I Know I shouldn’t Moan

but this weather, really! A bit of a reprieve, at night maybe?? So other than moaning about being too hot I’ve been working, lots and I am ALMOST up to date. Hu-bloody-rrah! And about time too. It’s good because it means that I’ll be able to concentrate on new projects with a clearer, less cluttered, […]

Big World

Wowsers but it’s hot and humid up here in the the north. And it aint something I’m used to. There’s a storm coming soon, I’ve been told, and I’m looking forward to it. Well, what a week. I’ve barely stopped (and yes, I am much closer to being up to date now, thank goodness). Writing’s […]

Clawing And Frazzled

I know I’ve said it before I really am so so so so close to being up to date. Huge apologies to everyone who’s waiting for things from me – I promise you’ll have them soon. Just to explain a little, this is what’s happened: I had about a month’s worth of stuff that I […]

Tales of the Decongested

Just a little update/plug. The supercool reading/music night, Tales of the Decongested, (I’d love to be able to go to one, one day) is happening this Friday (details below) and my very short story, Lists (click to see it in its initial outing here) will appear in the handouts, which is something that really makes […]

My Quiet Blog

Well, I did say a little while ago that I thought things might go quiet here for a bit, while I sorted certain things out. And I’m closer to being able to do that. I’ve just got to get up to date with work first, which as lots of new things I have to deal […]


This week I’d been thinking of writing a story which involved a woolly mammoth. I wrote it today (hurrah) and while I was doing my research I happened upon this, which, I reckon, is very, very cool so I thought I’d share.

The Things People Say

I had an interesting exchange last night. I was in a pub, reading, when a friend’s brother came in with a group of people. They were celebrating an eighteenth birthday and were all rather drunk. Which is good. It’s fine. It’s good to have fun. One of the boys took my wallet from the bar […]

Up and Down Sort of Day

I Twittered this morning saying that I thought this was going to be a long day. And it has been. It really, really has. I had A LOT of work to catch up on, and I’ve not done too badly. Plenty has spilled into tomorrow though, more than I’d hoped. And I wasn’t helped by […]

I’m Back

I’m back from a truly fab couple of days spent in The South.  And have been reminded how it feels to talk and to listen. How it feels to meet new people, to be happy for friends who’ve done good. To stroll and watch.  To be somewhere different. To laugh wildly, so wildly you think […]

On and Off Air

I’ll be away from my office from tomorrow, so no more blogging till Monday I expect. If anyone’s in Oxfordshire and fancies meeting up then drop me a line and I’ll see where I’m up to. *** And, as far as I’m aware, Canalside Community Radio will be broadcasting what was recorded at the launch […]