And Another Song

An all time fave – just found this vid on youtube and I LOVE it

Don’t Give a Damn

This song has been going around and around and around my head of late. Love it!

All Quiet

Not much to report on the Nik front, really. I’ve managed to get all the post launch errands done which has left me free (well, as of Thursday afternoon) to write which has been a real treat. It’s been good to get back into it. Along with some pieces of really rubbish news (which I […]

Stuff (Including poetry pics and the problem with my brain)

First off, this self imposed blog going quiet for a while doesn’t seem to be happening. Not sure why. Maybe that’s a good thing. Secondly, just received these photos from the lovely Jo Bell – they’re a few of the people who wrote poems in the pub last Thursday (mentioned here by me, and here […]

20 Photos & 20 Stories Launch

It is with great, great pleasure that I can say that the launch on Sunday for the photo book I helped out with for The Alzheimer’s Society went brilliantly. Katherine Elizabeth Lewis whose idea the whole thing was, and who’d been seriously under the weather for the whole of the week before, was able to […]

Books From People In The Book

If you were at the launch last night you’d have heard (as well as some wonderful readings) me mentioning the contributors to the 20 Photos 20 Stories book were both local writers and professional authors; you’d also have heard me mention said authors’ books by name. But you’d have also been very excited by the […]

Quick Post

Just a very quick post to let you all know that last night’s launch for the photo book was fab. Lots of brilliant work read brilliantly. And I got to chat with some really lovely people too. I’ll blog in more detail about it soon, once I’ve done my chores and once I have photos […]

Musical Interlude

Thanks to the super Sarah Salway for this. It’s brill, and will give those not out in the sun something to listen to while I’m out setting up for tonight’s reading/launch, and getting nervous about it.

Pub + Poems = Fun

I went to an event of Jo Bell’s last night and it was brilliant. This was the idea: go to the pub and write poems. On plain beer mats. And it worked so well. Jo’s an excellent poet, and she’s lovely (I knew these things already) so I knew it would be good – and […]


Salt are an incredibly good publisher of short story and poetry collections. Incredibly good. And they’re dedicated to forms (ie short stories and poems) that are often overlooked.  And they need your help because they’ve really suffered as a result of the economic downturn. Please look at their catalogue and if there’s something there you […]