And The Lines Are Now Closed

No more entries for the photo book competition please. Midnight has passed and so has the deadline. The winner of the competition should be announced here on Friday. Thanks so much to all who’ve entered – and there have been a good, good many of you. I am worried that Katherine and I will have […]

Just So You Know #2

A number of people have, quite rightly, asked which charity’s going to benefit from the money we raise from the photo book I’m collaborating with Katherine Lewis on. I am very happy to be able to announce it’s these people: The Alzheimer’s Society. * And the project is definitely taking shape. I can imagine how it’s going […]

Just So You Know

This is how the judging for the competition will work. All the stories have been/will be printed off without the name of the author. Katherine and I will, at some point later this week, go through them and pick our favourite. Then we’ll identify who wrote it. Then the author will be notified and the […]

Comp Update

Well, outside the sun has been a shinin’ and the breeze has been cool – pretty much perfect in my book. But I’ve been inside. Working. And I’ve been reaonably productive, I think. I’ve written a couple of bits, I’ve worked on a guest post (I should have done long, long ago) and I’ve made […]

Competition (And a super secret project revealed)

I have been asked to collaborate on a project which I think will be really cool. It is an art book. It will contain photographs and very short stories. The photographs are Katherine Lewis’. The stories will be inspired by those photographs (a little bit like what super Sarah Salway’s been doing of late).  Now, […]


I was told, last night, by the lovely folks at the library where I run my writing group that the event we/they put on for World Book Day (I blogged about it here here and here) raised the most money in the area for Book Aid. So three cheers for the library. Three cheers for the […]

Honoured by Association

So, one week you’re extremely pleased that a story of yours has appeared in an extremely cool place (3 :AM). And then the next week that extremely cool place mentions a band who a) you grew up listening to and b) influenced you hugely (The Clash). And then you notice that they’ve interviewed a member […]

Mostly Writing

Not much to report I’m afraid. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing (the red notebook works) and reading. And signing up to a pretty darned cool local secret project which is rather exciting and different. More on that to come. * And some cool links (to make up for the boring bit above!). […]

New Notebook Meet New Rug

I’ve not much to report on the writing front (other than I’ve been writing), but my new rug arrived yesterday, and I’ve just (sweated buckets and cursed a lot) put it in. Actually it took me hours to realise that the rug shaped parcel with the word ‘rug’ printed on it was in fact the […]

New Notebook

It’s always a nice thing to start writing in a new notebook. Like this one: Thanks to my Twitter friends for helping me choose red. It is a nice change as the last three have been black. And it already has a story in it. One about names.