I Think It All Began Somewhere Near Here

When I was little I drew a lot. I drew, I didn’t write stories. Only, at some point, the two combined and I started writing and drawing comic strips. And I wonder whether it was at that point where It all began. But until yesterday, when I found the above, I hadn’t seen any of […]

Fiona Robyn Interview

It is with great pleasure that I welcome poet, novelist and all round lovely lady, Fiona Robyn to my blog, for the latest stage on her blog tour in support of her debut, The Letters. So, let’s get going…   The Letters, Fiona, who’s it for and what’s it about? The Letters tells the story […]

Book Lovin’ – Does this happen to you?

I’m reading, and utterly loving, Slaughterhouse 5 at the moment. But here’s the thing – it isn’t just the words and story I love. It’s the typeface, the cover, the feel of the book, its weight, its texture, its size. I felt the same about Willful Creatures, by Aimee Bender (seriously, I stroked that book!) […]

What a Review!

There’s little nicer to read as a writer than a good review of your work, and when that work’s for children, as my book I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? is, and the good review is from someone who isn’t a proper grown-up (quite yet!) then that’s even better. So, yes, […]

What Do You Write On?

A question for you folks: What do you write on? And I mean in a laptop sense. It’s getting to the stage where mine’ll need replacing soon and I was hoping you’d be kind enough to share your laptop experiences, good or bad. I’ve been on a Sony for the last couple of years and […]

Any Antibiotics Surviving Tips?

Goodness, but these antibiotics are making me feel rotten. I’ve been shovelling in prebiotic yoghurt by the bucketload – any other suggestions of what I might do?

Ick and Mumblings

This has not been a good few days. I’ve had the most painful rejection ever. And today I’ve learned that the cellulitis I had last summer never went away, which would go a fair way to explaining why I’ve not felt myself for far too many months. It came back, and how! yesterday. So I’m […]

Lit Up

My very short story, The Boy Who Wished He Was a Cloud is now live over at Lit Up.

Anne Video

Thrilled to be displaying Anne Brooke’s trailer for Maloney’s Law. Good, innit?

Why Hurting Can Help

About eighteen months after my book was published I was informed it contained a typo. Where it should have said reins it said reigns. Now, I’ll not lie to you (how could I – and why would I want to?) – I was gutted. And embarrassed. I’d missed it – and not through being illiterate […]