Further to yesterday’s picture of my desk (and the suggestion that pah! it wasn’t scruffy enough) here’s a little video I took on my phone this morning of my office. So – all you doubting Douglases – is it scruffy enough? Or is it me…


First, something I promised Diane I’d do a while ago – post a picture of my workspace. It’s my desk earlier in the week. I think, judging by the book on my desk, I’d just finished reading Errand, by Raymond Carver (very good and I have no idea why I’d not read it before). *** […]

Very Good is The Artists’ Enemy

I watched The Culture Show last night (and, of course, it had nothing to do with its presenter). U2 were on and Bono (love him or hate him, it’s not particularly important) said something which struck a chord. He said, ‘Very good is the enemy of Great.’ And I think he’s right. Artists don’t tend […]


Here’s a complete list of what you could win for £1. All copies are signed – the draw will be drawn on March 5th, and all proceeds will go to Book Aid International. If anyone would like tickets then drop me a line here. A GENTLE AXE – R N MORRIS SOCKS, SHOCKS AND SECRETS […]

And More Ashworth Goodness

… in a Waterstone’s New Voices sort of shape. Very cool. Click here for more links.

Cool Competition

Go to Jenn Ashworth’s blog for a chance to win a copy of the above in a rather brilliant competition.

An Unreliable Reader’s Review

This post was going to be a confessional, of sorts. It was going to be me telling you that I’m an unreliable reader. That I feel guilty. See, there are lots of books I want to read. I buy loads, I get sent some, and I want to read them all. But something happens. I […]


Hmm, I’m Twittering. Or tweeting. Or whatever it is. I am not sure how long this will last but if you’d like to find out then you’re welcome to follow me. Or just look at the Twitter thingumy in my sidebar.

World Book Day Raffle Tickets

If anyone would like to buy tickets for the raffle (£1) then please email me here.

World Book Day Raffle Books List

Here’s a list (really, for the benefit of those who might be interested in buying a ticket) of all the books I’ve received for the World Book Day/Book Aid raffle – and above is a pic of how I’ve arranged them. Not quite as impressive as L’s classroom displays but I have, I feel, done […]