Keret on Gaza

You’ll have noticed that here, on this blog, I tend to stay clear of political things. That’s not because I don’t have an opinion (far from it!) but because there are other people who can do it better. Like, one of my absolute favourite writers, Etgar Keret, has done in a piece for the LA […]

Nearly There

I’m almost back to normal. Emails have been replied to. Work has been done. Things just need a bit of a once over then they can be sent off. Nearly there. Thank goodness. In the meantime, here are two things I think you might like to have a look at. This, from Welshcake, makes me […]

A Note To Those Waiting For Things From Me

I know, I know, I know I’m behind with emails and various other things. I am not being rude, I’m just very, very busy, and I will do all I’ve said I’d do, and reply to all things that need replying to, soon. So to those who are waiting for me: bear with me and […]

A Writing, Who am I, Question.

Those of you who are particularly eagle eyed will have noticed that I have changed the description of what I am above (the bit below the title of this blog). [Warning: I may ramble] Now, there is a reason for this: saying who I am and what I do isn’t something I find particularly easy. […]

An award and a link

Look. I won an award. Whoop! Only my second as well. Who’d have thought it? Thanks to Aliya for this (the blog she shares is rather nifty and well worth a read). I’ll not give this award to anyone else (specifically).  You can see all the blogs I follow/like below on the right – and […]

Pieces Of Us

Pieces of Us is a piece of flash I wrote. You can see it here at The Pygmy Giant.

The Stories So Far

*** I went for an MRI scan earlier in the week (no, no, nothing serious). It reminded me of two things: a giant Polo mint, and being on the sick deck on a spaceship. Which made up for me having to be still for twenty minutes.

Love it

Thanks to Welcome to Talksville for this. Love it.

And they just keep coming

So all in all, so far, there will be twenty books (inlcuding mine, plus stuff our group have put out) going into the raffle (it looks like that’s the fairest way of doing things) for the World Book Day/Book Aid event. I now have three in my office – and I only asked on Friday! […]

Good Author Friends Update

We’re now up to 17/19 (with one book already here!). Bloody terrific. Thank you all!