Bye bye 2008. Hello 2009. Here’ s wishing you all a happy, peaceful and successful year. I really hope this comes out over here in the UK.

And this!

I forgot to mention something else I’ve liked this year. It’s Adorna Shine.

Best of 2008

I hope you’ve all had a lovely festive period. Mine’s been cool. I thought Dr Who was great, and although I enjoyed it, I did wonder what had happened to The Royle Family; the subtleties¬†of writing and humour in dialogue seemed a bit forced. Anyway. List time. As you’ll well know 2008 wasn’t a particularly […]


Well, folks it’s holiday time. I’ll do a round up of my faves from 2008 shortly. In the meantime I’d like to wish everyone who comes here (and their own) all the best for the holidays. Have a lovely time.

Pretty Picture Post

Mr Postman brought me this earlier. I’ve a feeling I’m going to like it. Big thanks to (fellow red ipod loving) Fiona for posting it.

Great stories forget about the rules of physics

Love that line. It rings true with me. You can see more like this over at Kelly Spitzer’s blog, as she plays word association with Tania Hershman.¬† And while I’m talking of Tania, the new issue of The Short Review’s out. I noticed WomenRuleWriter picked up on the same quote as I did. It’s this: […]

Thursday Was Cool

I went to see a local school’s version of The Rocky Monster Show on Thursday, and it was brilliant. Utterly brilliant. Now, I’m going to be every so slightly bias because it was directed by my beloved, but really, I’d have loved it anyway. Great songs, great script, great costumes and great routines. Top, top […]


I met up with a very old friend last night, someone I’ve been friends with since I was 11. It was the last opportunity I’d get before he and his family moved to America. And I’m not sure what I want to say about it, but I do want to say something. On one hand […]

Sharing Words

It’s what we do, as writers and readers, isn’t it? Sharing our words, or other people’s. Tonight there was a bit of time over with my group. I had the library’s copies of two of my favourite books to hand (some members have been reading them, see) so I read from them. And it was […]

More Cool Things

This, from Rosy. And this, from Roger. There will be a longer post from me up soon, I’m sure.