The Martians Have Landed And We Have Their Hands

Actually, these aren’t pictures of alien extremities or even extra terrestrial apparel. I’ve been helping my Beloved with props for the school play she’s running. Still, I think they look good. *** And this just in from top poet Jo Bell: “Ding Dong Merrily on High‚ĶChristmas events and offers from Bell Jar For the creative […]


So, you’re out with your beloved and her friend last night and you’re having a very pleasant evening. And you end up speaking to your friend on the phone – you’ve not spoken to him in a while so that’s good. And he tells you you’ve forgotten another friend’s birthday. Bugger. Sorry, Luke. *** And […]


This came in the post the other day. It is wonderful. Click here for more info on McSWEENEY’S QUARTERLEY CONCERN.

The Future is Unwritten

I watched The Future is Unwritten last night, the Julien Temple film/tribute to the late Joe Strummer. And it was excellent. Anyway, I found this interview clip earlier and a few things struck a chord, so I thought I’d share. There was a quote which I wish I could remember properly cos I’d have liked […]

Espresso = Good News

I’ve just had an email from the splendid Espresso Fiction. From 2009 the site will be free of charge. This is very good news. It’s a great site. *** Anyone else been using Google Chrome? I’m liking it so far, but also wondering why on earth there’s no google toolbar with it.

Thank You

Over this past week or so I’ve had loads of emails from people, some I know, some I’ve never spoken to before, telling me that they like my work. Usually I get that kind of mail now and again and it’s lovely. It’s really great. It’s fab to hear that my work’s enjoyed by people […]

Sluggy Poems

My poem, Slug, is now up over at the wonderful Pygmy Giant. Go see, folks. Also, I think I’m quite tempted by these lovely looking handmade cards. I’m not really one for Christmas and all that, but they do look good. That’s all for now. Back to my writing bunker for me.


This is one of my favourite pieces from Tania Hershman’s The White Road and Other Stories. It’s called Plaits. And as it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to upload me reading I thought I’d treat you to this instead – Tania reading at the Frank O’Connor festival earlier this year.‘Plaits’ from James Murray-White […]


Ross Noble and Michael Macintyre aside – there aren’t many comedians around today who can make me laugh out loud; probably not their fault, it’s probably because I’m grumpy. Anyway, this did. It made me laugh a lot. (I nicked it from Neil Gaiman’s journal, so shhh.)


Huge congrats to Tania Hershman for being the European Regional Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s short story competition winner. Yes, wow indeed. And this might be of interest too…