Aliya Whiteley’s Secret Vice

(Good title, huh?) Aliya has tagged me. She wants to know what my secret vices are. Let’s see. Well, I don’t think I’ve anything secret. Don’t think there’s anything people don’t know about. There are fountain pens, which I love. But they’re not really a vice. There’s American Chopper and Deadliest Catch that I love […]

Writing Prompts

I’ve just been drawing up a list of writing prompts I can use with my group. Below, in case anyone is in need of inspiration, or is curious, is the last list of prompts I used. Feel free to use any of them – and if you decide to write something from them, let me […]

Almost Meme, again

Yup, another half, ahem, hearted meme by me. Do it if you want, you really don’t have to. This one only applies to those with stat tracking wossnames for their blogs/websites. And the meme is: tell us something someone googled that brought them to your blog. Mine is: “Things I have been doing.” And another, […]


I was a big fan of Lightspeed Champion before I saw this. Now I’m an even bigger fan. Clicky here for a song.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Yes. NON-fiction. Not something I mention on here very often – for all sorts of reasons, mostly because the majority of non-fiction I read is for research. Which is no bad thing, and I’m certainly not making excuses for it. It’s just the way things are – I don’t have the time to read anywhere […]


I’ve been tagged by both Fionna and Sarah Hilary. So, let’s get to it shall we? Display the award. Link back to the person who gave you this award. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. Put links to those blogs on your blog. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated. You […]

Err, brilliant

The writing group last night was all about words. All about writing. Not about proofing anthologies or stressing about printers or money. And it was brilliant. As brilliant as putting out anthologies of the group’s work is (and that is brilliant) you can’t beat what it’s there for – and that’s for writers to get […]


Just seen the voting chart wossname of what people thought of my short story, How Do you Solve the Cube?. And it’s pleasing, though I did have a typical writer moment; when I saw there were a fair number of ‘Wows’ I thought: they must be from people I know. Well, whether they were or […]

Other Things I Have Been Doing

I’ve (with a little help) put up this display of the group’s work in a local library. Watched, with delight, a goldcrest in my girlfriend’s garden (Sunday). Completed the first draft of a ten thousand word story. Tidied my office. Had dinner with nice Australian folks over here on hols. Felt frustrated/upset. Discovered my keyboard’s […]

Poetry and Stuff

So, last night I went along to the UK launch of Harry Owen’s new poetry collection, Five Books of Marriage. And it was great. The room was filled and everyone, it seemed, enjoyed his reading and his talk as much as me. And what a great collection it is. I was also able to meet […]