A Gift For Halloween

A very short story, called, Give Me Strength Give Me Strength by Nik Perring.m4a (You might have to right click or open it in iTunes. It is there, I promise. It’s taken me 2 hours so it bloomin’ well should be.)

Some You Win, Some You Lose

The venue’s booked for the launch of my writing group’s latest collection/open mic/reading night (if you’re in the area and fancy coming down drop me a line and I’ll let you have the details – the venue’s not the biggest so space will be limited), so that’s good. But the children’s writing group I was […]

Oh yes

This album’s ruddy brilliant. It’s called Liejacker and is by Thea Gilmore. And the untrue blurb’s just hilarious.

Chocolate = BAD

Had the first migraine in months on Monday, and my head’s still not quite as clear as I’d like it to be so writing, and blogging, has been limited. At least I know the cause. I had a pint of ale on Sunday (trying something different and all that). Chocolate malt is used in making […]

Tania’s Touring

First stop of Tania Hershman’s virtual book tour: Keeper of Snails. And you can read the interview I did with her a little while ago here.

And the Link

to the Spread The Word site. Forgot to put it in earlier. Sorry.

Spreading the Word

Rosy Barnes has tagged me with this rather useful little meme. Basically it’s this: you get tagged by someone who’s mentioned, on their blog, three to five books they think should be given more attention. Then you post something on your blog, mentioning these, along with three to five of your own. Rosy’s are: Wisdom […]

From Manchester’s Finest

to Jerusalem’s. Huge congrats to Tania.


I was not (despite what I posted the other day to the contrary) tagged by Aliya (re: vices), but by her blog sharing buddy (and thoroughly good bloke) Neil. Apologies, I got it wrong (see, it has happened – told you it was only a matter of time!). Link here. So, yes. Apologies. But now […]

The Best Blog in Manchester

Congrats, Jenn.