Time Flies

Well, it does when you’re blogging. This blog’s over two years old now. Yikes.


Honestly, I’ve a memory like a sieve at the moment. The two books I’ve mentioned recently (Willful Creatures and Out of a Clear Sky) were not discovered by accident. No sir. Out of a Clear Sky, I found, via Roger and Vulpes Libris; and Willful Creatures came to me courtesy of the Short Review. I […]

Busy Busy

These past two weeks have just flown by. I’ve made considerable headway with the group anthology (up till 11:30 the other night doing it while my beloved was visiting her sis in the Big Smoke) so that’s nearly done, had a small commission, which is done, and now I’m working on a poem, which is […]

Sally Hinchcliffe Interview

Well, you can’t say I don’t spoil you! After recommending Sally Hinchcliffe’s terrific book, Out of a Clear Sky, last week (read what I said about it here) I’m delighted to be able to post this – an interview with her. Big thanks to Sally for taking the time to do it. Hope you enjoy […]


I’ve known Mummywrites, virtually, for a good number of years. She is a terrific writer (one of the best I know) and has been a very good, virtual, friend to me. Not to mention the writing help I’ve had from her (not virtual!). It’ll come as no surprise then that this, on her blog, makes […]

Thoughts, Anyone?

For a while now I’ve been considering starting another blog, or blog type thing. It would be a place where people could share what they love, whatever that might be, anonymously. But, aside from suggesting people put their loved things in a comment box, for me to upload onto the main page after, I’ve no […]

Tremendous Tool

I’ve just been reminded what a tremendously useful book this is (I was describing someone as a ‘let-down’ and needed to know whether the hyphen was correct. It is.). Writers, if you don’t already own a copy, I’d give serious thought to putting that right. *** I’m about three quarters through type-setting the stories and […]

Coraline Goodness

I am a huge fan of the book and I cannot wait to see the film. Click here for some sneaky peeks (I think they’re doing one a day for a week).

New Stuff

I have been reading Zettel’s film reviews on www.writewords.org.uk for years. Years and years and years. And they are consistantly excellent. So it makes me happy to be able to point you in the direction of his new site, where said reviews(200 over the past 5 years, with a readership of 100,000) have been collected. […]

Out Of A Clear Sky

As well you know, I don’t write book reviews. What I do do though, is mention ones I think are good. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. I read Out Of A Clear Sky, by Sally Hinchcliffe over the weekend. It is a remarkably good book, one I thoroughly enjoyed and wouldn’t […]