Literary Tattoos

I could never have one of these, not being able to edit it would drive me mad. (Not that I’d want to edit someone else’s great work; but you get my drift.) (And I really ought to say that I nicked the link from Woman Rule Writer.)

Literary Equation

Back from the hospital and I can tell you all that my foot isn’t broken. We kinda knew that already, but I’ll take any positives I can. So, this equation then… lots of work + bad foot (reduced frequency of bending/picking things up) = something that resembles a literary bombsite. Here’s the evidence (and it […]

Grumpy, Grumpy

I have been particularly grumpy over the past couple of days. Now most of you will be aware that I’ve had issues with one of my feet. Which was a pain. See, now what’s happened is, because I’ve been putting weight and at the wrong angles on the other (previously good) foot to compensate, now […]

Sometimes You Need Help

Well, contrary to what I was saying the other day, I haven’t abandoned the tricky beggar of a story I was working on. But if it wasn’t for Sheila and Robin from writewords I would have done. They made me work at it and look for solutions to the very obvious problems it had. And […]

Happy Birthday

to me. Twenty-seven. Already. Yikes.

In The Can

I’ve spent considerable time looking like this, over the past week. Headphones on, listening back to the stories I’m working on. Reading your stories aloud is a terrific help when editing – you are forced to read what’s actually there on the page, rather than what you think you’ve written. It’s also, in my opinion, […]

Stranger Than Fiction

Life can be stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be believable, as someone much cleverer than me once said. This is a very bizarre, and almost unbelievable, story. I imagine it stung.

Multinational Meme

So, the story I linked to yesterday, Martha’s Dance, has a vaguely African reference (it was originally going to be (more) about ancient tribal Voodoo but something changed along the way). Anyhoo, I’d not long posted the post when I discovered that the latest Almost Meme participant was from Africa – Tanzania to be exact. […]

A Mixed Day

First up, good news. I notice that my story, Martha’s Dance, is now up over at Serendipity. I hope you like it. I do. And I am thrilled to be on there, it is a top, top, top place to be. *** I saw my sister for the last time in a while today. She’s […]

Short Sunday Post Another shelf sharer, Irene, here. And… How to confuse children. When the piano teacher is leaving to become a surgical nurse (I think that’s the correct name, sorry if it isn’t) and when they ask what it is, you explain that they are the people in charge of giving the surgeon the […]