An Almost Meme Here are two pictures of one of my bookshelf’s shelves. Anyone else care to share? I’m glad I did that cos it’s just reminded me how much I LOVE Sharon Creech’s ‘Love That Dog.’

Load of Old Cobbles It’s a funny thing seeing what you were doing (almost) a year ago, and how you and your writing has changed in that time. I think this was the last proper fantasyish thing I wrote. It certainly has the longest title of a Nik short story. You can see it in […]

What Do You Get if You Cross two of my favourite things? Namely, my favourite book from last year (called Something Beginning With here, and in the US, the ABCs of Love, by Sarah Salway) and birds. Well, this, really. The ABCs of Love Bird. Isn’t it fab? I would like someone to do that […]

How Do You Have Fun? Photo from the wonderful Du Rose’s Digest It has occurred to me that since I’ve been writing seriously, I have, on occasion, neglected to have as much fun/time off as I probably should have. And I think it’s time that changed. Having time away from writing, even if it’s only […]

The Truth is Out There In Cardiff, it would seem. As well as filling me with great joy, reading this reminded me of my own experience, which, if you’re a grown-up, you can see here. *** And a thought for the day (something which has had me thinking recently): was there ever such a thing […]

Quickly Just wanted to say a quick thanks to those who helped me out with my high school dilemma – muchly appreciated. I’ve pretty much finished the short story now, which is pleasing. Also, I’d like to point you in the direction of this fab article, by Samantha Tonge for the ever-cool Vulpes Libris.

Your Help? If I was to say ‘High School’ what would you think I was referring to? State Secondary? Mixed? Single sex? This is for a story set in the UK. *** I thought this talk by Sir Ken Robinson was terrific. Thanks to John Lenahan for flagging it up. And while I’m doing youtube […]

Of Mystery Insects and Terrific News We went to a reservoir yesterday, and it was lovely (well, mostly, a bird did poo on my head but that’s another story). There were lots of birds, cormorants, herons, chaffinch, treecreepers, grebes, goldeneyes, a lesser whitethroat – even jumping fish. And this: Anyone got any idea what it […]

I LOVE This Her name’s Mariee Sioux and she’s brilliant. The version of this on her album, Faces in The Rocks, is even better; it features a redwood carved flute played by Gentle Thunder. Lu-hu-hu-ve it. With music like this, life is sweet.

A Funny One Well, further to Vanessa’s comment on yesterday’s post (and this isn’t some sort of edit-off or competition, promise!) here’s another, more intense, editing picture. I think this was in February or March. *** My flash written on a postcard for the Waterstone’s gallery thingumy is now up. It’s called In Utero. It’s […]