Look Here I’ve just read a terrific post by Jenn who, as I’ve mentioned before, is one of my favourite writers. In it she says, “I like to write about odd things happening and try to make them realistic.” which, in my opinion, has hit the fiction writing nail squarely on the head. For the […]

That’d Make Sense Well, I’ve just heard back from one of the editors I mentioned I’d emailed earlier. And I was almost right. I suggested there was a possibility that my sub/email hadn’t reached them; it was actually the other way round. For some reason the email they had on file as mine, um, wasn’t […]

And Now Something Cheering Courtesy of the magnificent Sarah. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will.

Withdrawal Symptoms I’ve withdrawn two short story submissions today. And that is disappointing. Really, really disappointing. The first was sent last September. I received no acknowledgement of its receipt and heard nothing when I emailed to see whether it had arrived. The other was sent this year, in April. Again, there was no acknowledgement of […]

I was Going To I had planned to post an essay on doing school visits here today and even started writing it, but got to 300 words or so and decided that it really wasn’t happening and that I should probably try it some other time. And I will; it’s just a bit frustrating because […]

Sh! I’ve been meaning to mention the Sh project on here but have never been sure just how I might do so. And now I don’t have to because I have it straight from the Sh’s mouth. The wonderful Jenn says: “Sh: an interactive collaboration. A novel. A library. Some librarians, a computer techie and […]

Fairies in the Back Yard When I went into the garden earlier it looked like it was swarming with snowy flies, or fairies or something equally as unusual. It wasn’t. The air was filled with dandelion seeds which, as well as being rather lovely, reminded me of my poem about fairies. Um, so now you […]

This Just In Just received this email from Cheshire’s first poet laureate, Harry Owen: “This is a warm invitation for you to celebrate with me the launch of my major new collection of poetry, called ‘Five Books of Marriage’. You can see a preview by clicking below on http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/BookStore/ItemDetail~bookid~50965~aspx It is published this month (May […]

What a Looker Some covers are just stunningly beautiful, aren’t they? Clicke here for Emma’s blog.

C’mon! Love this.