Anne Interview Anne Brooke, trusted reader and top person, has been interviewed over at Writers’ News; read it here. She says, ‘Write what you want to write and make it the best it can be’ which I think is terrific advice.

Anyone For Crime? I’ve just read a great interview with Helen Black over at — if you’re into a bit of crime fic. then her site and book maybe worth a little investigation. I must admit, I can’t remember the last time I read a crime novel (my failing); Damaged Goods has me seriously […]

Terrific News Big congrats to Rosy, who has secured a book deal. Terrific news indeed.

Yesterday Yesterday was spent doing this: Yes, we made sushi. It is not as easy as one might imagine. But if you concentrate, take your time, pay attention to the instructions given in this excellent book, you can produce something like this: Well, to be fair, they’re the ones my girlfriend made. Mine weren’t as […]

Two Birds, One Stone. Well, kind of. (See how birds are creeping into my writing, more and more?) First bird: Rosy has just tagged me. “1. Pick up the nearest book.2. Open to page 123.3. Find the fifth sentence.4. Post the next three sentences.5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.” Okay. My sentences […]

We Have a Title! After much head-scratching, face-pulling, and scribbling, I have now come up with a title for my coleslaw story. It is: Sack Tactics. I would like to thank my new Moleskine (I know, I know) for its help during the procedure. Now – to make sure it’s finished and right and doesn’t […]

Six Things About Me The delightful Sarah tagged me the other day, with this: Link to the person that tagged you – i.e. me.Post the rules on your blog.Write six random things about you in a blog post.Tag six people in your post.Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their […]

Wow!Actually, there is more than one wow today. Wow #1. Alicia Silverstone is, according to here, going to play the lead in a US adaption of best selling author and lovely person, Kate Long’s The Bad Mother’s Handbook. I loved the ITV one which aired last year (Catherine Tate played the lead in that one […]

Coleslaw Today, and I mean all day, was spent writing a short story. Well, the first draft of one anyway. I have just finished. And, at the moment, I’m pleased with it. It was the result of a prompt I gave my writing group a week or so ago. The prompt was: It reminds me […]

Good Reads I think this post by Debs is well worth a read for any aspiring writers or those interested in London Book Fair insights. And here’s an interesting article, by Anne Brooke for Vulpes Libris, on self publishing.