Pop! I have stolen this from Sarah’s blog. I hope she doesn’t mind. I think it’s ace!

Last One Standing I’d have mentioned this before had World Book Day not happened and made me busy and forgetful, but the terrific Rambo and Leroy have just released their debut single – check it out! (You can see their myspace page here.)

I’m Glorious Never been called that before! I had a lot of fun yesterday, helping Anne with her story (all I really did was read through it and make a few suggestions). And it was fun, not least because I thought the story was a real belter. Hope everyone had (or is having) a lovely […]

Look what I Just Found #2 A bit of wonderful Joe Strummer footage. And a Walk on the Wild Side Just thought I’d share. *** Added 19:56: And I’ve just heard that Mikey Dread has died.

Look What I’ve just Found … hiding in amongst some papers that I’ve just moved because they were in the way. It’s the actual beginning of my Seconds are Ticking By story. I woke up with the idea and scribbled it down on a Post-it, on the way to the shower. Judging by the lack […]

Tick, tick, tick… My story, Seconds are Ticking By, is now up over at Smokelong Quarterly. Looking forward to having a read of the rest of the issue – I am a big fan of it. Oh, and there’s also a small interview with me about the piece, and flash fiction, there, which you can […]

What Brilliant Friends It’s been a hard week, beginning with the last of my World Book Day visits (I can hardly believe that this has been my third World Book Day, by the way) which was followed by hard writing work. I spent all week tweaking a short story. Goodness me, it was hard work! […]

In The Paper Here’s what the local paper had to say about the first of the World Book Day visits I did. *** Ooh, and I’m currently on the hunt for skipping rhymes (for a story, before you ask) so if anyone has any please let me know.

World Book Day Visits I think I’m probably best just summing up what I’ve been doing and where for the time being. I think I’ll write at length about what a workshop/visit entails later. I’ve a feeling it might be a bit essay-ish. So… Well, I had a lovely time at each of the schools […]

Meanwhile: Interviews I will blog about my school visits soon, (promise!!!) but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these interviews – one with Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize winner, Sally Nicholls, and the other with novelist Anne Brooke. Sally first: So, who’s it for and what’s it about? It’s called ‘Ways to Live Forever’ and […]