More Video Roger Yup, that super writer chap, Roger Morris, has posted a sequel to his writer’s life video. Well worth a look. He has a lovely cat (who I think secretly writes his books for him). I seem to remember reading (at the back of Stardust) that Neil Gaiman’s cat dictated the story to […]

Late to the Blog Party Almost every blog I’ve read today has mentioned this, relating to the The Liar’s Diary by Patry Francis. Just shows how us bloggers can think of people other than ourselves at times. Brilliant.

Save St John’s Reading this reminded me that I really ought to have mentioned this on here before now. It should go without saying that I do not support the closing of schools. Without going into things too much, I’ve worked with both and they are both Very Good. And I would hope that these […]

Still at it Not much to report really. I’m still writing lots and feeling very, very tired. (Is it just me?) There should be more interesting stuff to read here soon. But in the meantime, an old favourite…

As Promised For Oonah, John and Avis.

And a great interview With another writewords chum, the lovely Anne Brooke by the lovely Lisa for the lovely Vulpes Libris. Read it here.

Congratulations! Huge congrats to my writewords pal Oonah V Joslin for winning the MicroHorror Drabble competition, for her piece Autumn Fruit which I loved. Well deserved. And I’ll tell you what else is cool – she got a trophy for it. In the shape of a gravestone. Bloomin’ brilliant. Well done Oonah and well done […]

Us Jealous Writers I felt I should post something on this after reading Welshcake’s blog earlier. I don’t know the ins and outs of the situation she’s referring to (and don’t want to either) but here are the basics: Writer gets fab deal. Fellow writer from one writers’ website or another gets jealous and makes […]

As Promised … a picture of Leading The Dance’s cover (as mentioned below and here). *** And I’m still with my head down, writing, writing, writing. Trying not to think about having to go for a blood test tomorrow and not eating for twelve hours before. Writers shouldn’t have to have blood tests. They should […]

Being Funny I don’t think I’m a particularly funny person. I’m certainly not very good at writing comedy. But I keep laughing to myself when I remember what I said in a conversation a couple of weeks ago. It, I think, is funny; it was not my intention. Person: Hi, Nik. Happy new year.Me: Happy […]