HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all a fantastic 2008.

Happy Holidays! Whatever it is you’ll be celebrating, I wish you a wonderful time.

And Another …fave that is.

Faves The subject of favourite books/films/best of the year things has come up a number of times recently so I thought I’d list mine here. Here goes… Book of the Year for Adults: Something Beginning With, Sarah Salway. I also loved The Book of Lost Things, John Connolly, and American Gods, Neil Gaiman. Book of […]

Read All About It Thanks to Amy from the Heywood Advertiser for sending me this, a wee picture story of my visit and library opening a couple of weeks back. *** I’m still struggling a bit with this blinkin’ cold. It’s done my nose and chest and has now nestled in my throat. I hope […]

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Nik Perring would like to place on record his complete dissatisfaction in having a cold. He does not enjoy them, nor does he see their point. Or worth. In fact, he thinks they’re an inconvenient nuisance. He would also like to say that he has not let it get on top of him. […]

Quack I’m still beavering away here – writing, writing, writing. And listening often to an incredible Biber solo piece (THANK YOU KATE for sending it me!). *** I was out with two thirds of Rambo and Leroy last week and was able to hear a couple of their new tracks. They sounded great. (Actually this […]

New Website! I think I can now say that I’m happy with my new website. It’s live and it’s launched and, as far as I can tell, it’s up to date. (I still can’t get the old one to delete though, grumble, grumble.) Feel free to have a nosy and to tell me what you […]

I Love my Job #2 (photo courtesy of Amy Glendinning – The Heywood Advertiser) It occured to me that in all the times I’ve mentioned school visits and workshops and such I haven’t ever really gone into much detail regarding what actually goes on when I do them. So, here goes… I arrived at Woodland […]