I Love My Job Well, I love writing full stop. But what I really love about my job is when I get the opportunity to visit schools and run workshops and meet children and do readings, and, and… I’ve just got in from a day at Woodland Community Primary School, Rochdale. I’ll blog in more […]

The Glamorous Life of a Writer Today has been spent printing and stapling. Not very glamorous or exciting you may think. You’d probably be right (especially if I told you that my printer was being silly and my stapler broke). But why have I been printing and stapling? Well, it’s because on Friday I’m heading […]

Websites! I’m still tinkering with mine (which you can see by clicking here) and have just added a gallery. More content will be added soon, I’ll keep you posted as when that’s going to happen. And I am hugely impressed with the website for Sally Nicholls’ ‘Ways To Live Forever.’ Very much looking forward to […]

Cool. Hasn’t the weather gone nice and fresh and bright and cool and clear? Lovely. A busy week of writing for me so I’ve nothing too interesting to say. I would, however, be delighted to point you in the direction of this wonderful Oonah V. Joslin story; and I would be thrilled to offer Vanessa […]

I Really Was Trying to Help! About eight months ago I mentioned that I’d attended a book launch at my local library. A couple of months before that I’d plugged the book. I believed then and still do believe that it’s important to do such things. So, eight months on… I was in the middle […]

Help the Hungry Please play this and read this. It doesn’t matter which order. The game’s great (and I mean really great) but you could also be doing so much by playing it. Thanks to Lexi for the link. (I nicked it from her blog. Sorry Lexi and thank you!)

Struggling I have a very sore hand at the moment (goodness knows what I’ve done to it) so I’m having a less productive week than I hoped I’d have, and which is why this post is going to have to be brief. *** The lovely Lisa Glass sent me this picture the other day; the […]

Still at it I’m about half way through this rewrite (10,500 words out of a little under 20,000) and as such I don’t have all that much to report. (Actually I wanted to blog about receiving my copy of Cover the Mirrors by Faye L Booth, how much I appreciated her sending me a bookplate […]

Recommendations First one is the fab blog of the fab Jenn Ashworth, and the second is the fab revamped Vulpes Libris; a site about books. And the third is The Fix. Enjoy! And I’m still working on that story (as well as sporadically tinkering with my new website). Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to […]

My friends went to Cyprus and all they got me was… this lovely little magnetic crab (currently attached to the cabinet which is the side of my desk). Thanks G ‘n’ R. *** Cover the Mirrors by Faye L. Booth has been released. Looking forward to receiving my copy. (I was supposed to be attending […]