Reviews I’ve tried to post any reviews of my work I’m aware of on here, and that’s usually a Nice Thing to do. Sadly, every now and again, you get one that isn’t full of praise. But you’ve got to expect those. You can’t please everybody all the time. So when I read: “After three […]

Scary Flash Well, being as it’s Hallowe’en tomorrow, here’s a scary story. It originally appeared in Flashshot in February (I think) 2005. SPADEThe damp cold from the cobbled street seemed to soak into his bones, causing them to throb almost as much as his head. A hand to his mouth brought away more blood. Moist […]

After all, it’s a great big world… Watching this the other day reminded me how much I like Tom Petty’s music. So for your viewing pleasure…

Things I’ve done Aside from the story, which you all know about anyway. Yesterday I took a break from the long story and wrote a short one. A true one actually. Then I typed it up. Then I went to the cinema with my beloved (it is half term!) where I watched Stardust. Now, the […]

Another Plug I’m still working on my story and haven’t had much time to do anything else (like update this blog) so I’ve not really all that much to say, other than, Unrequited by top writer James Bennett is available on amazon.

Excellent News The brilliantly fantastic “Chips, Beans and Limousines: The Fantastic Diary of Bathsheba Clarice De Trop!” by the equally brilliantly fantastic Leila Rasheed is now available for pre-order on amazon. *** I’m still typing up my story from the other week. The word count at the base of my screen is saying almost 16700 […]

Magic Shoes and the Milky Way Goodness! Who remembers this? What a fun advert! (For some reason I can’t get blogger to let me insert the video, so you’ll have to click the above link to it instead. And while I’m on I may as well post this one too; memories of both childhood and […]

Linkies You can read a brilliant interview with the brilliant Lisa Glass here. And thanks to Sarah Stovell for flagging up this review of Lisa’s book. ***I’ve nicked this from Sarah Salway’s blog (sorry Sarah) because I simply had to post it here. It’s awesome. Wow. And I’m still here typing away. I must confess […]

Baddies! Ooh, I enjoyed Kay Sexton’s latest offering. To see it for yourselves click here. Nothing much to report from me. I’m currently busy typing up and semi-editing that story I finished on Wednesday. And now it’s the weekend. I hope the weather’s nice…

ENDS At five o’clock last Wedsnesday (yup, about this time last week) I began the first draft of my next WIP – a story for children which I’d planned to be around 20,000 words long.And I’m very happy to say that, about half an hour ago, I wrote this: Which means that, yes, I’ve finished. […]