This Time Last Year I don’t know why I’m feeling all nostalgic. Maybe it’s because, a little under a year ago, I became an author proper when my book was released to the world. And I find myself thinking, was it only a year ago? and, no, a whole year ago! at the same time. […]

Wonderful I saw the wonderful Corpse Bride recently and was reminded of this. Great fun.

Read All About It! As if you’d do anything else on a blog. This dropped through my letterbox earlier. Coverage of the awards I mentioned the other day had made it onto the front page of the Community News. So, once again, congratulations to everyone who managed to complete the challenge and well done to […]

Authors Attract Tis true, and was proved last night. I’d been invited to attend a ‘special evening viewing’ of an exhibition on Cheshire’s literary heritage held at the Salt Museum in Northwich. I went last night, not really knowing what to expect (well, you wouldn’t really, would you?). After a brief and friendly chat with […]

A Possibly Slightly Lengthy Post Where to begin? Well, seeing as this post is going to be, in part, about more birthdays and nice authors who write nice things in your copies of their books, I think I’ll start here. By wishing my sister a Very Happy Birthday. *** I received the copy of Something […]

Do as I Say, Not as I Do When people ask how they can improve their writing I always tell them to write a lot and read a lot. It’s sensible advice and is often given by writers (it’s certainly one of the things I remember being told when I was starting out). And I […]

Happy Birthday! They’re like buses, these birthdays. Rosie is 21 today; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And thanks to the super lovely Anne for her comments on my library writing group’s collection of short stories and poems.

Breville Monkey! I went to see Ross Noble on Wednesday night. How I laughed. He was absolutely brilliant. He didn’t talk about Breville Monkies though, which was a shame. Oh, and I was flicking through a book on antiques, as part of my research for a story I plan to write, and discovered that a […]

A Post of Two Birthdays One belated, the other not. So, happy birthday to the lovely and Very Talented Sarah (hope you have a splendid day). And, belatedly, happy birthday to my blog. It turned one during August and I never noticed.