And Another. Half way through typing up alterations. I think it’s going well. I hope it’s going well.

Long DayToday was a long day. I think I’ve read aloud and edited about one hundred and twenty pages of the WIP. Hard work. But it (draft 6) is done now, save the typing up. And now a beer.

Pics and Book Spotting and Things As you may or not know a couple of weeks ago my beloved and I holidayed in the wonderful city of Bruges. And it seems that as much as one may try to get away from Very Nice Authors, as you can see from the photos, it’s hard. I […]

The Woods My story, The Woods, is now up over at Midnight in Hell. Big thanks to everyone involved.

WAAYB REVIEW A REVIEW OF THE 2008 WRITERS’ AND ARTISTS’ YEARBOOK Being a published author means that there are a fair few questions you should expect to be asked (to which the same answers can be used over and over), questions that can come from anybody and at anytime. Where do you get your ideas […]

STOP PRESS! The very lovely and talented Luisa Plaja’s debut Young Adult novel Split by a Kiss is available to pre-order from Amazon. Nice one, Luisa. And in other exciting news, Rambo and Leroy now have an EP up on iTunes. Check ’em both out. They’re good.

I’m Back! I had a lovely holiday in Bruges. Very lovely indeed. I loved the place and the people. And the food. And the music (harp busker, accordian busker, folk band buskers…). And the bells. And the buildings. And the beer. Yes, it was fantastic and, even if I say so myself, well deserved. There […]

Hols! That’s right. After much convincing by my beloved that authors can take time off, we’re going on holiday. I shall not be taking my laptop – just books and maybe a fountain pen and notebook. So that means no blogging for a week I’m afraid. I’m sure you’ll cope. Hope you all have a […]

Very Cool Well, the hand written story has been typed up and edited and I’m rather pleased with it. So that’s good. I’ve mentioned on here on a number of occasions how much a fan of Neil Gaiman’s work I am, so when I saw what he’d said about Sarah Salway’s work on his blog […]

Good Stuff Well I made it back from my eye test (still short sighted but no worse than before, and under instruction to blink more) and am happy that I was able to write that short story. I wrote it in a notebook with a fountain pen, which was a very nice experience indeed. I’ll […]