Where’s the Time Gone? Seriously. This week has just slipped by. And I’ve not managed to get half as much done as I’d have hoped. *** I was however thrilled to receive my signed copy of the fabulous Uncle Alonzo’s Beard by the equally fabulous Emma King-Farlowe. It’s the sort of book that makes you […]

Tatton I wanted to say a huge thank you to the folks over at Tatton Park (especially to C.S who was brilliant) who have been tremendously helpful in aiding the research I’ve been doing for my current WIP (a novel, the second draft of which I finished about half an hour ago). Thank you very […]

I Met a Roman Last Night Well after announcing so many successes others are having at the moment I thought it was about time I dedicated a little blog space to my book which is, of course, available from all good book retailers, including this one. *** Enough self promotion. Back to even more exciting […]

Interview If anyone’s on Myspace they can see the interview I did for Authors of Myspace here. Big thanks to Authors of Myspace for their efficiency and patience; with writing and workshops it took me far longer to complete the interview than it should have done. Thanks guys. [Added: thanks to Charlotte for pointing out […]

Cats and Things Where to start? Well, how about here? Above is a picture of possibly the world’s friendliest cat; and possibly the only one who thinks it’s a parrot. A gorgeous black one with white boots and chest who befriended (adopted?) me while I walked home the other night. It jumped onto the wall […]

Ha! Done it. First draft of current WIP has been completed which means that hopefully I’ll be able to spend a bit more time keeping this up to date. A beer tonight, I think.