Hello Alonzo This morning I was doing this: That’s right. I was reading Emma King-Farlow’s wonderful debut, ‘Uncle Alonzo’s Beard.’ And I enjoyed it very much. *** I’ve been busy writing and so haven’t time to blog about my appearance at Macclesfield Library on Friday, or about the workshop I did at Bollington library on […]

And now the Exciting NewsAnd exciting news it is indeed. Where to begin? First with the announcement that ‘CHIPS AND HORRIBLE MALTESERS: THE FANTASTIC DIARY OF BATHSHEBA CLARICE DE TROP’ by Leila Rasheed will be published by Usborne in the spring of 2008. Now I’ve been lucky enough to see this book being written (kinda). […]

In Memory It was my Nan’s funeral yesterday. I wrote this for the occasion and read it. ‘Gone is not lost.Everyone can last forever,can live forever,in a memory. It is the memorythat keeps us alive.That sustains.That laughs and hugs and smiles and cries.Or shakes a heador rolls our eyes. The memory; of a Christmas pastor […]

The Importance of Paying Attention Yesterday I ordered some bits of stationary. I needed envelopes and, amongst other things, a little bit of bubblewrap. I went onto the trusty stationary supplier’s website and I ordered what I needed. My order was delivered this morning. The large cylindrical thing, the height of a child and width […]

Past Pics It’s been over a week, again, since I last blogged. Sorry. I’ve been busy with writing and planning and life. *** I’ve finally been able to upload the pictures I’ve taken on my phone to my computer now that Nokia have the software that works with Vista. Here’s a couple I took earlier […]

Tagged! The very lovely Faye L Booth tagged me, sending me this list of questions to answer. So here they are… 1. Do you outline? Yes, a little. It really depends on the story I’m writing. Mostly I like to have an idea where I’m heading and let the journey unfold as I write. I’ve […]

Showing my True Colours Just a quick post to say congratulations to Manchester United for winning another Premiership title. Yss! *** Not all that much to report really. I’ve been busy with a new story and with preparation for the events I’ve been booked to do for Adult Learners’ Week at the end of May. […]

Blimey! It’s been over a week since I last posted here. Sorry! Been busy with writing and editing and stuff. Thanks to the lovely Luisa for pointing me in the direction of this blog. It’s excellent.