Playing Editor I’ve just finished editing the stories and poems that are going to appear in the anthology my writing group are going to produce, to show what they’ve been doing in the year the group’s been going. And I am very happy. There are some really great stories in there, and thankfully, very few […]

Getting Fat! The relaxed, laid back read through and note making (re my novel) couldn’t be further from memory. This has turned into a definite edit. I suppose I was intending to be lazy and type up corrections and address any serious plot issues after another read through. The thing is, it doesn’t work like […]

To Writing! Above is the picture of my faithful pens. The red one, which I’ve used for editing over this past year and the lovely one my girlfriend gave me a couple of Christmases ago, which I use for everything else. And a highlighter – which is also useful when editing. *** After a lovely […]

Make it Better Well I’ve just finished the casual read-through/note making of the first draft of the novel I’ve been working on. And I’m quite happy with it. There’s a lot of work I’ll need to do before it’ll be ready to send out, but at least now I know where that work is required. […]

Great Shakes! I had a pleasant and, for a change, relaxing weekend, which as my aching legs would tell you if they could talk, involved a fair amount of walking. On Friday I went, with my girlfriend, to see Great Shakes’ production of Twelfth Night which was fab. Great Shakes, by the way, is run […]

A Happy Coincidence I was planning to talk to the writing group I run about the importance of researching the publications they hope to be published in. I noticed that Kay had blogged about the exact same thing yesterday. This made me happy because it backed up what I had told them and gave me […]