And a Good Time Was Had by All Well last night’s poetry reading at The Bear Town Tap in Congleton went very well. Which is a relief. Thanks to Harry Owen for arranging and for being a terrific MC. All of the Writing Group read out pieces (which were excellent) and received deserved applause. Well […]

One Down and one to go. The poetry event I attended and read at on Tuesday was good fun. My Writing Group went and every one of them impressed me (even the ones who were a little nervous before hand). So, well done chaps. The evening was slightly spoiled though. The person who’d organised it […]

Editing I’ve been editing today. Hard work (see above) but it seems to be going well. And this is in spite of me having some sort of hay fever which has made me feel a little lethargic. Life goes on. I’m attending a couple of local poetry events this week and have been pondering what […]

And yet more Yes, even more plugs. But I don’t mind because they’re all both very nice people and great writers. So, and in no particular order we have… Lisa Glass., Leena‘s Blog and Charlotte’s blog, I think that’s it. *** I’m still enjoying this lull in productivity. Which is nice and (I reckon) deserved. […]

More plugging It has been very cold up here today. Very, very cold. But no snow or ice. Anyway, here’s what I wanted to tell you. Another very lovely and very talented writer’s website has just gone live. Here’s the link. The writer is Sarah Stovell. Have a look at the uploaded writing bit – […]

PLUG! You can tell I’ve not been quite so hard at it today, with me posting twice! What’s happened bewteen this post and the last? Well I worked on a poem and I had a phone call from Anne which was lovely. Always nice to speak with other writers especially when they’re that nice. *** […]

Snow Way! I had a rather pleasant weekend. We met up with friends Ruth and Gary (and possibly had one too many stouts), relaxed, went to dinner for Mothers’ Day and had snow. The latter of which is still here. Just. It is a bright and sunny day so that won’t be the case for […]

Cross and disappointed Last year I spent a considerable amount of time in my local library. A very nice library in Bollington. I led six workshops there for children for World Book Day. I led a creative writing workshop for Adult Learners’ Week. I presented awards to the children who’d completed the summer reading challenge. […]

And Breathe I finished the the first draft of my novel yesterday morning and it feels good. I know there’s plenty of work ahead but knowing I’ve done stage one is rather pleasing. What’s also good is that I know a lot of what needs doing to it already so I have in effect given […]

So Far So Good With the novel. As predicted (well, hoped) it looks like the first draft will be completed this week. Which is excellent news as I’m itching to get into the rewrites. I watched Pan’s Labyrinth last night and was completely blown away. It is a wonderful film. Faultless, but maybe not one […]