Flying By Yes, that’s what this week’s doing. I had a fabulous time yesterday at Gorsey Bank school. I like nice schools with nice staff, teachers and (of course) children; and Gorsey Bank is no exception. I spoke to every class in the school (big job!) and think that Richard deserves a special mention here […]

Happy Birthday Quick post today as I’m in a rush. I wouldn’t normally have bothered (no offence) but I wanted to wish Gary a very happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your plane. I had the first migraine in months and months earlier, which wasn’t pleasant. I’m feeling better now (thank goodness) and looking forward […]

Hair Cut! A tiring and stressful week’s finished on a nice note in that I managed to get almost everything I wanted to (including getting my hair cut – see above) done. And plenty of writing, which is great. Looking forward to Monday when I’ll be spending the day at a Primary School not too […]

Hello There! What a week! So far I’ve not been able to do anything in the way of writing which is frustrated. On Monday, after much discussion with various people in the know, I went to my local computer retailer to quiz them about Macs. My chief worry was regarding compatibilty ie will I be […]

Must Watch TV and a Very Silly Machine [Added 14.02: Here’s the link to THE BAD MOTHER’S HANDBOOK. For some reason it didn’t work before. Ah well. You have it now.] Firstly, the must watch TV. Tonight, 9pm, ITV. It’s the hour and a half adaption of Kate Long’s THE BAD MOTHER’S HANDBOOK, starring Catherine […]

Review Another review of my book has been added to Amazon, from J. Domingo.It reads: “This book brings history to life and how! Jack is a sweet likeable boy who thinks sleep is “boring” but the moment he dozes off, he is transported back into the midst of some wonderful vignettes of history where Romans, […]

Quick Post Still hard at it, though I’ve not managed to get any writing done today. Other work things took over. Hopefully that won’t be the case tomorrow. I read this the night before last. It’s absolutely brilliant. It was written for children (well, young adults) but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a twenty-five year […]

A Dangerous Anne, An Axe and Some Number Love! I’m thrilled to say that my friend Anne Brooke’s latest novel is available. You can order your copy of A DANGEROUS MAN from here. Best of luck with it, Anne! *** And congrats to Emma Darwin for making the regional shortlist for the Commonwealth Writers Best […]

Half Hols I’m still kinda on holiday. I took the whole of Monday off (and went for a really lovely walk), Tuesday I had to prepare for and take my Writing Group, which I enjoyed very much and today I’ve slipped gently back into my office. No actual writing done, more just bits of organising, […]

Tired I’m going to take a couple of days off. Yup, the first days I’ll have taken off in pretty much two years. I am taking them off because I am tired. Really tired. And a little bit fed up with certain people, institutions and organisations. Usually, when I’ve not been working so hard for […]