The Green Man Has Landed Ah, that’s better. Back in the writing chair WITHOUT sore hands. Look! I can type without wincing! Woo and hurrah! Quick post today as I’ve got a lot to do. Just thought I’d let you know that my short story’s up over at Bewildering Stories and you can see it […]

Worrying Lack of Cables I broke my keyboard last week. It made me sad because I really liked it. It was only cheap. It connected to my laptop (which is on a cradle so I don’t knacker my back up any more than I already have) by a cable. It did nothing fancy but it […]

Prehistoric Sharks and Back Pain I’m still struggling on with sore hands and back and neck. Off to the doc’s shortly so I’m hoping he’ll be able to put me right. Isn’t it always the way that something like this happens when you’re really busy. Ho hum. *** Unrelated to the whole Big Brother debate […]

TES and RSI I’ve not achieved that much this week really. This is down to the fact that I’ve got some bloomin’ RSI thing going on in my hands. And that’s meant that I haven’t been able to type much. You see, I know from previous experience that when this occurs it’s best to not […]

Waiting for a storm Check out this vid of my favourite singer, Hera. It’s good. She’s great. Enjoy. She’s on my list of the nicest people I’ve never met. Along with, to name but a few, Emma, James, Roger, and as mentioned previously, Kate. And while I’m on a nice-people-link-fest… I shared a few drinks […]

Try Again For some reason that picture of the book Kate sent me didn’t come out, so here’s the link. Right, I’m off to the post office. I have things to post! And isn’t it windy? The sky’s ever so black. I think there’s a storm a brewin’!

What a lovely gesture I wanted to thank the very lovely Kate Long for sending me the above book. I’ve been dipping into it frequently since it arrived and think it’s very funny indeed. It’s filled with, as you might have gathered from the title, writers’ stories of their public shame. It’s a must for […]

Wintery It feels very wintery up here. It’s been rainy, blustery and very cold all week. Not that nice at all really. My girlfriend, who’s studying for her PGCE at Manchester University, brought me some interesting news. It was poetry day yesterday, apparently, and as part of that one of the groups used a poem […]

Music and Achievement Yup I have achieved something today. It’s taken me till half three to do, but I have done it. I have tidied my office and my bookshelves. And it feels good. My office is definitely a nicer place to be now I can see the floor. (Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, […]

Pics at last! Finally! I finally found the charger for my camera batteries today and very diligently hopped to it and took a couple of snaps of the book, as I’ve been threatening for weeks. *** I’ve also just uploaded a video of me talking briefly about my novel here. (You can also see a […]