Last Post of the Year Happy new year, everyone! See you in 2007. Hope you all have a happy and safe time tonight.

Happy Hols to one and all. A very quick note to say that my copy of the The Bedtime Poem anthology came yesterday and it looks very nice. More on it later. See you after Christmas, folks. Enjoy.

I’m still here! Apologies for not being around much recently. I’ve had a lot of work I wanted to get done before I broke off for Christmas and I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so I’ve been pretty much tied up. And it’s nearly Christmas. Blimey. How fast did that come around? Where […]

Quick Post with Pics Went to have my photograph taken by a proper photographer today. Some of ’em were a bit arty but that one, I thought, was okay. I might post others later. We’ll see. I think that one is more than enough for now though, don’t you…!

Funky Love and Little Green Men Well it’s almost 4 o’clock and I’ve only just sat down at my desk. And I’ve got to leave to take my writing group at 5, so I don’t think there’s much chance I’ll get much writing done today. Which is a pain. I have, very recently, discovered the […]

Chuffed in Manchester I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I met up with a few fellow writers and writeworders in Manchester and had a great time. Yesterday I ate some fantastic Thai food with my girlie. One thing that’s continually surprised me when I meet up with other writers is how normal and nice […]

Special Day Happy anniversary, Liz. Here’s to many, many more. I love you.

Readin’ the Roman Just to let you know that you can now see me reading from my book on youtube by clicking here. It’s the same as the one before, but a few people have emailed me saying they were unable to play it. Hopefully this one will work better.

Hera, Children’s Poetry and Indian Food I’ve been a bit busy recently which is why I’ve not posted in a few days. My jacket came on Saturday (thank you Parcelforce), which was a good start to the weekend. I spent a lot of Sunday writing. Yesterday I went over to Sutton, to the Leather’s Smithy, […]

God Bless America and… Stoke. Actually. And the people on the other end of the phone at Parcelforce Worldwide. You are really very lovely people. If I had the money I would buy you all cakes. And if you didn’t like cakes I would buy you something you did like. Like a hot air balloon […]