Good Day and Will I had a really good day yesterday as I took the Roaming Roman Tour to Rainow School. I enjoyed my visit very much, a very nice bunch! It was also nice to see because that’s where my girlie went. A very nice school indeed. For any writers or creative types out […]

Fab! I’ve just got in from a fab day of book signing at Congleton library. Fab, fab, fab! I really enjoyed myself. Great library and great people. The Roaming Roman Tour feels like it’s in full swing. Dinner now with my beloved and then sleep. Then recharge. Then a school visit on Monday.

Another Review, and thrice well done Another review of my book, this time without the scary photo. Reviewed by Casey’s 9 yr old.This book is about a boy who goes to sleep and travels back in time to meet Romans, Vikings and Celts and has lots of adventures.My favourite part is when Jack, the little […]

Review This picture is for anyone who has ever wondered what an author looks like mid-book tour. Tomorrow (or maybe even tonight) the beard goes. I need to look presentable (or less scary) for my visit to Congleton Library on Saturday. This review of my book was posted on the website, writewords today: “I Met […]

Eureka! I think. I’ve spent much of the day trying to suss out how my new camcorder works and how I can make it work with my computer. I think I’ve cracked it. I hope I’ve cracked it. Next job’s to work out how to upload onto the net – any tips would be greatly […]

Another Baby Post Another quick one today, I’m afraid. There isn’t as much time as I’d hoped! The Poynton Library leg of the book tour went really well. My favourite bit was meeting Casey, a fellow writer and Writewords member, and her family. Her eldest has already written a review of my book, so as […]

Short(ish) Entry Nothing of any note has happened today. It’s been one of those grey, not got much done even though I’ve been busy all day days. They happen every now and again. I’ve been mostly busying myself with preparation for tomorrow’s appearance at Poynton Library, for the Roaming Roman Book Tour. All very exciting […]

Memed – 8 Things About Me Thanks to Roger for this meme – a kind of challenge in which I have to list eight (possibly) interesting things about me that people might not know. Here goes: 1. My name is Nik. Not Nick. NIK. I have not changed it – it’s what my parents named […]

Brilliant! I’ve just got in from an absoultely brilliant afternoon. I took the Roaming Roman Book Tour up to Kettleshulme St James’ Primary School where I spoke with children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 about writing and about my book, gave a reading and had a Q & A session. And I had […]

Browsing with Tabs I downloaded the new version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website the other day and I must say that I’ve been really impressed. The new skin looks crisp and clear and I am a big fan of browsing with tabs. My screen is now much less cluttered, unlike my office. I’ve […]