THEY’RE HERE! My copies of my book have arrived! I am very relieved (it means that I can stop worrying about whether they’ll be here in time for the Book Tour) and very happy. Proud? Quite possibly! It’s a very nice feeling indeed to be holding the finished product. And I must add that I […]

Published Author Today I am a published author. It’s official. My book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? is out. I don’t feel any different. I think it’s a little like a birthday – you’re officially a year older and yet you feel pretty much exactly the same as you did […]

Last Day Well, I had a feeling this week would be a busy one – and it was. But I reckon I’ve got through it unscathed. I’ve got pretty much everything done, spoken to pretty much everyone I needed to speak to and emailed pretty much everyone I needed to email. And I got a […]

Read All About It! If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that last Tuesday I presented awards to the children who had completed the Summer Reading Challenge. Here’s what the local rag had to say about it. Well, in keeping with the theme of the week so far, today has flown. It was here […]

Slipping By Goodness this week has just flown. Monday and Tuesday have just been a blur and I’m tired. I can’t believe that we’re almost in Wednesday. The days are just slipping by, and the release of my book gets closer and closer (only three days to go now). And that also means that the […]

Another Well Done! This time it’s to my favourite book shop who have won The Walker Books Children’s Independent of the Year at the British Retail Awards 2006. Congrats to Andrew, Sue and the rest of team – and might I add that I feel it is thoroughly deserved. Next week, I feel, is going […]

TAKE COVER! This morning I received an email from Marion at my publishers. It contained this – the front cover of my book. I think the illustrator, the hugely talented Derry Dillon, has done a fantastic job. Thanks Derry!

WELL DONE EVERYBODY! I spent part of my evening in Bollington library, presenting certificates, pens and medals to the children who completed the Reading Challenge (a fab scheme which encourages children to read six books over the summer hols – not that it seemed any of them needed much encouragement!). I thoroughly enjoyed myself and […]

Dog Identified! Well I managed to get most of the phone calls done, sorted and out of the way pretty quickly this morning, which meant that I was able to sneak off for a while and do the other bits and pieces I wanted to do which, boringly, included getting my hair cut and buying […]

Finally Sorted it! Thank goodness for that – I’ve finally worked it out. You can now (or you jolly well should be able to) leave comments on any of my posts whether you are a blogger or not. I was good today. I wanted to try to get myself to the gym a couple of […]