Oooooooh gorgeous!Click here for pictures of some of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Some of these pictures are absolutely stunning. Wow.

National Novel Writing MonthI’ve just been reminded that it’s National Novel Writing Month in November. Click here for details (if you’re brave enough and have unbelievable literary stamina and commitment). Best of luck to everyone who takes part. Power to your writing fingers!

New Old LanguageI have been doing some research into Anglo-Saxons, as part of a story I’m working on is going to be set there. Part of my research was to do with dialect and language at the time. The furthest I’ve gone back is Chaucer so I really had no idea what Saxon ‘English’ would […]

A Successful Bank Holiday I had a lovely and successful bank holiday. I did, as I had promised myself, make full use of it. On Saturday I cleaned my office so it went from this to this. And what else did I do? Well I went for a nice walk through the fields and I […]

Suit It occured to me that last week, as a result of attending meetings, tutoring etc. etc. I spent four days in a suit (not four whole days; I did take it off to go bed). Now I know that’s not anything exceptional in itself, I used to wear a suit for five or six […]

AnotherAnd here’s another. A great writer and ‘Neo-Mythologist.’ And another (link and great writer, I mean!). Go on then, one more:

Some more linksHere are a couple of interesting links to the blogs of some interesting people. I’ll whack ’em up here for the time being, simply because I’ve not yet worked out how to put them in the Links section. Roger’s Plog. As an aside, you can buy Roger’s book, Taking Comfort, by clicking […]

My First Comment!Just wanted to say a big thanks to the lovely and hugely talented Kate for being the first person to comment on my little ol’ blog. The first of many, I hope. Cheers Kate.

More of me on the netI notice those nice people over at Wordpool have now added me to their wonderful Contact an Author site. There are plenty of great writers on there so if anyone wants to contact one then they should click here.

A LONG WEEK.I’ve not had all that much time to do all the things I wanted to (and really should) do recently. Like writing, editing, rewriting, cleaning my office, the list goes on but I’ll not bore you. And why is this? Where has all my time gone? It’s because I’ve been going to lots […]