20 Photos & 20 Stories Launch

It is with great, great pleasure that I can say that the launch on Sunday for the photo book I helped out with for The Alzheimer’s Society went brilliantly. Katherine Elizabeth Lewis whose idea the whole thing was, and who’d been seriously under the weather for the whole of the week before, was able to come which made me very happy. And the turnout was splendid – the venue was full and a huge thanks to Julie and to Freya who provided first class service and cake.
The readings and readers were fab, and went down a treat (with one minor exception – here’s a Nik tip: If you’re thinking of getting very, very drunk and attending a book launch with the intention of making a scene you’re likely to make yourself look very, very silly).
Hearing the readers’ work aloud was, for me, the best bit – it was a powerful reminder of the quality of the work, both the stories, poems and haiku that are in the book and things people read that weren’t were all brilliant and varied. We even got to hear former Cheshire poet Laureate, Joy Winkler sing as part of a piece from the show she’s doing with other contributors Jo Bell and John Lindley. And I thoroughly enjoyed the reading work of people who weren’t able to attend, through bank holiday trains and living in foreign countries and being poorly (hope I did them justice!!).
And books were sold. Money was raised. And a good time was had by all.
And I got to go for a drink afterwards, and meet and chat, with some lovely people, including Janette Jones  Caroline Smailes, Mr Bubble Cow and many many more.
Brilliant. Brilliant night all round, really.
Here are some pics of some of the readers. There’ll be more to come.

Me signing – photo by Jo Belfield

And some photos courtesy of Rick Martindale

Steve Howe

Karen Crook

Joy Winkler

Caroline Smailes

Jenny Martin, reading Last Post

Jo, from The Alzheimer’s Society

Me handing Caroline her framed story and pic, bought for her by a very generous anonymous fan (the other side of it was FAR more interesting).
Thrilled with how it went and thrilled that so many people made the effort to be there. And reminded me how much I enjoy doing readings.
Huge thanks to all!
And I received a message on Twitter yesterday from Jo Belfield who, after attending the reading, had been inspired to write a poem. Here it is:
“Hello Kettle, I’m Pot” you say,
As we sit here similar but different
With our own assigned places and roles.

Put here together
We observe each domestic incident and event,
Rising to the task, providing comfort and sustenance.

Often we bubble along – contentedly simmering,
Or we clash loudly,
Bumping each other, vying for room.

Sometimes we are steamy, fiery to the touch.
We spit and jerk, jolt and burn,
Volatile vessels of anger and noise.

But always there is quiet at the end of the day,
Intimate in the knowledge of each other’s dents and curves,
Content in our places, me Kettle, and you Pot.

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  1.  by  Jo Belfield

    I didn’t realise she was drunk – I just thought she was er “drunk with the years” ;)It was a great night. Thanks to Katherine, Nik, all the readers and everyone involved in the organisation 🙂 It was fab!

  2.  by  Lane

    Fantastic Nik! Sounds like a brilliant night. And you had cake!Well done to you, and all the contributors.

  3.  by  Janette Jones

    It was a great night and so nice to know someone else made an ass of themselves instead of me for once! Good to meet you all.

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