Must Watch TV and a Very Silly Machine

[Added 14.02: Here’s the link to THE BAD MOTHER’S HANDBOOK. For some reason it didn’t work before. Ah well. You have it now.]

Firstly, the must watch TV. Tonight, 9pm, ITV. It’s the hour and a half adaption of Kate Long’s THE BAD MOTHER’S HANDBOOK, starring Catherine Tate. I’m sure it’ll be brill. So watch it. Enough said.


And what silly machine, you ask. This one. I was in a reputable department store with my girlfriend on Saturday and stumbled across it. Both being of a curious disposition, and not knowing what on earth it was (or what it did) we went and had a look. And had a go. And then felt very sick. For said girlfriend this state of feeling icky lasted all afternoon. I can definitely say that if I decided to buy a home exercise machine it would not be a vibrating one. I’m sure it’s very good at what it does though. Though to be fair, I’m not sure how it does it.

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  1.  by  Kevb

    Howdy Nik my man!I’ve used one of those recently for my bad back. It has multi-settings so you can have it on low/massage. Should only use for about 30 seconds at a time.Loads of different positions which help stretch and warm up tired and old muscles.It’s helped me with the lower back pain.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Really??????? Well, perhaps it was just me and my girlie’s lack of reading instructions and just hopping on. Still, eugh!Great to hear from you btw Kev. And good news the sickatron can be used for good; not just an object of head-spinning, stomach-churning evil!Hope you’re well, fella.Nik.

  3.  by  Kevb

    The sickatron – now there’s an idea for a story!!!I’ve got me smile back mate – keep on typin’

  4.  by  JustJude

    You have just reminded me that this is what I must watch tonight! Thank you.I suspect it will reflect my life, if the title is anything to go by.

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