It feels very wintery up here. It’s been rainy, blustery and very cold all week. Not that nice at all really.

My girlfriend, who’s studying for her PGCE at Manchester University, brought me some interesting news. It was poetry day yesterday, apparently, and as part of that one of the groups used a poem from this anthology. [you can see me holding a copy below.] The poem was mine. I’m not sure if they liked it or not. I hope they did. Funny, the people we can reach, isn’t it?

If anyone wants a signed copy, I’ve got two spare ones here that I can exchange for a small fee (think it comes to about £14 with postage).


I also came across this interesting article written about Publish America. Now I’m not going to lecture or go into detail about self publishing/vanity publishing/POD etc., because, well, I’ve not got time and I’ve had no actual experience of it. But if there’s anyone reading this who is thinking of it please, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. There have been some really great books produced by people who’ve done it themselves, like, for instance, this one by Anne Brooke.

Some POD companies are great and honest. are one that I’ve heard many good things about; I’m sure there are many others, but as I say, I’ve no experience with them.

Like I said – do your homework and don’t get scammed. Please.


In other news, I was excited to hear that the go ahead has been given for the fourth Indiana Jones movie.


And in other, other news, I read this this week. (Actually mine has a different cover, not that it’s important).

I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Seriously. Absolutely fantastic and so clever. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I just regret not reading it before. I think I thought I knew the story. I didn’t. It was better than I could have imagined.

Buy it. Get it from the library. Borrow it. Read it.

It’s called Frankenstein.

And while you’re looking at all those wonderful books on Amazon, have a look at mine. It’s very good! Promise! Honest!

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Ooh, thanks for the vote of confidence, Nik! – the cheque’s in the post as ever … (don’t say where I’m sending it to though!!):))Axxx

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