I’m still here!

Apologies for not being around much recently. I’ve had a lot of work I wanted to get done before I broke off for Christmas and I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so I’ve been pretty much tied up.

And it’s nearly Christmas. Blimey. How fast did that come around? Where has this year gone? Seriously, if anyone knows they should tell me.


This is a wonderful website, for anyone who likes animation. My favourite is LITTLE DOG TURPIE. Check it out. It’s very cool.


And thanks to everyone who sent me a Christmas card. It’s nice to be thought of. One of my faves was sent (and designed by, no less) by Claire. Claire, if you’re reading, I love it. You’ve done a really fab job!

I’m sure there’ll be time for another entry before Christmas. But if there isn’t then I hope everyone has a really good time.

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  1.  by  Rachel

    Hey – thanks for stopping by! I figured I’d start a nice, new sensible blog (as opposed to my very silly LJ blog, where I write fanfic and use classy words such as OMG and w00t, the shame!). Merry Christmas! Rachel

  2.  by  Anne Brooke

    Nice to have you back, Nik – I was beginning to miss you. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. Hope you have a fab Christmas.Lots of loveAxxx

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Merry Christmas, all!I’ll be sure to check in your new blog, Rachel. Sounds good.Thanks Anne. Yup, feeling a bit better now. I think there’s been a lot of bugs going round so was only a matter of time. See you’re not even safe when you’re holed up in your writing office all day! Tsk!Happy Christmas!Nik.

  4.  by  roger

    Sorry you haven’t been well, Nik. Hope you’re feeling better. I haven’t been online much myself either. Just the madness of the last week before Christmas plus the extra pressure of trying to get a novel licked into shape by the end of Jan.Glad you liked the card – I shall tell Claire. Thank you for your card too! Have a great Christmas.Rog.

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