Hera, Children’s Poetry and Indian Food

I’ve been a bit busy recently which is why I’ve not posted in a few days.

My jacket came on Saturday (thank you Parcelforce), which was a good start to the weekend. I spent a lot of Sunday writing. Yesterday I went over to Sutton, to the Leather’s Smithy, to sign a few books, came home and wrote, then spent the evening here in one of our favourite restaurants, who was celebrating its 12th birthday, eating the best Indian food in the west. Sadly (ahem) they weren’t playing the music they’ve got on their homepage. The food was great (as always) so I forgave them. And today I wrote before heading off to my Writing Group – which was really good fun too. They are a really talented bunch.

Stumbled upon this review of my book on Amazon.

“This is a good book for juniors. It’s written in plain, honest prose and there’s a clear framework to all the chapters.

My son, 8, liked the fact that he knew some of the historical detail covered in the stories, but not all of it, so it reinforced what he’d learned whilst teaching him a bit more. He was quite disappointed when we came to the end because he’d enjoyed the adventures so much and he wanted them to go on and on!”

The reviewer, Emmsy, gave it four out of five stars.

Thanks Emmsy, for the great review and for taking the time to post it.



I’d also like to draw your attention to this person and her website. It belongs to one of my favourite singers (and someone my girlie loves), and a massively talented songwriter, Hera. Check it out, buy her records. They and she are great. If I get time enough I may even post a review on here of one of her albums – but for now – have a look and a listen.

You can also hear some of her work at her myspace page . Well worth checking out.


I’ve had quite a bit of contact with my editor on the Bedtime Poem For Every Day of the Year poetry anthology to which I’ve contributed, and it’s looking like it will be available in time for Christmas with plenty of time to spare. Which is a relief. Very much looking forward to seeing that!

Right. Must finish up some notes and then I’m finished for the day.

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