God Bless America and…

Stoke. Actually. And the people on the other end of the phone at Parcelforce Worldwide. You are really very lovely people. If I had the money I would buy you all cakes. And if you didn’t like cakes I would buy you something you did like. Like a hot air balloon or a really nice hat.

This is, of course, in reference to the continuing motorcycle jacket, erm, issue. I ordered said item last Wednesday. It took hours (literally) for those lovely people over at http://bikeremporium.com/ to confirm they were sending the correct size (which involved me measuring my chest – 40 inches for anyone who’s interested) and post it. It took two days to get from Washington State to California and then to the UK. It took a day to travel from the airport to the holding depot in Stoke. And that is where it’s stayed since Monday.

And do you know why? It’s because UK Cutoms decided that I need to pay them some money before it can be delivered. And that’s cool. Only, they didn’t think to tell me that. Nope.

So today, feeling a wee bit narked, I rang the USPS. And they were great. They gave me a number to call here in the UK. I called that number and the person on the end of the phone explained what had happened and that Customs should have sent me letter. And then she went one better – she gave me the depot’s number and said that if I called then I could pay the duty to them and it could be on its way. And that’s what I did. And when I spoke to the exceedingly, gloriously wonderful person at the Stoke depot he said he’d send it (not on Monday as it should have been) but so it would arrive tomorrow – as a gesture of goodwill.

I could not be happier. Thank you Parcelforce and thank you Stoke.

Let’s just hope it comes! I’d best bloody like it when it does!


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to both Claire Allan and Jillian Henderson-Long, for their recent publishing successes. They are both great writers and lovely people who thoroughly deserve it.

And a belated happy birthday to Luke Greenwood. Sorry I missed it, mate.


And can I ask you all to send positive, get-better vibes to my girlie’s sis, who’s done a Rooney and bust her metatarsal. With a chopping board, or so I hear. Hope you’re feeling better soon!


And I’m still busy writing.

See y’all on the other side of the weekend, folks. Have a good un!

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