It’s cold up north

And wet. I think that the weather today has been the most miserable I’ve seen this year. Oh well.

Last night I attended a book launch I’d been invited to. The author is a lady called Gillian Wallace, and the book she’s published is called The Kin. She seemed a very nice lady and I think the whole evening went well for her. While there I met Cheshire’s first poet laureate, Harry Owen who was also very nice. It was nice to talk to someone else in the job, as it were, and to find out that we shared similar views on writing. It was also nice for me to see things from the other side of the fince for once; to be one of the people listening to and supporting someone else, as opposed to being the one everyone’s come to see.


And some more sad news. Luke Bitmead, who I’d not really heard of and never read (but whose work had been recommended to me), has passed away, aged 34. Details of the memorial trust set up in his memory here.


A writer friend has asked me to mention Ticktock media, the publishers of non-fiction books, as they are in the business of not paying writers for their efforts and cancelling things mid-project. Come on, Ticktock, sort it out!

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