When is a cafe not a cafe?

When it’s the one not far from me, that’s when! I’m not going to mention its name because I really don’t feel that’d be right – but flippin’ ‘eck!

I made the last library visit of the Roaming Roman Book Tour yesterday – to Wilmslow library and had a lot of fun. Great staff, lots of interesting (and interested) people with interesting questions. And after six or seven six day weeks of work, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I was ready for a brew.

Now there’s a lovely cafe not far from me. But as lovely as it is, it has, shall we say, certain flaws. Firstly it doesn’t serve food after 3pm. Which can get frustrating. Especially when you’re hungry and you’ve gone there (to a cafe!!!) to eat. Secondly, regardless of the time, the staff are always sweeping up around your feet. The staff themselves are great – they’re friendly, accomodating and efficient, but the sweeping up thing doesn’t do much to make you feel welcome.

Anyway, back to the point. After picking up my lovely girlfriend, we decided to head down there for a cuppa. It was four o’clock(they shut at 5) so we knew there’d be no chance of food, but a cuppa would have been great. That is, if they hadn’t decided to close. At 4pm. On a Saturday. If anyone can tell me the point of opening (ha!) a cafe, which only serves food until 3 and shuts at 4 on Saturday, then please enlighten me, because to me it seems, well, pointless. I wonder what Mr Ramsey would have to say about it. Anyway, I wrote them a note. A polite one, I must add. I feel that I moan about things too often, to people who can do nothing about it. Like my girlfriend. At least this time it’s gone to the people involved.

I’ve a signing tomorrow and then I can get on with writing. I imagine I’ll post my thoughts on the Book Tour as well. I’m really quite sad it’s over.

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