Impressed Again!

The Roaming Roman Book Tour is drawing to a close. For the time being at least. I hope to do more after Christmas, but we’ll have to see what occurs.

I was at Mossley Primary School on Tuesday where I talked to, and worked with, four classes. And again I have to say how impressed I was. Fab school with a friendly atmosphere.

Last week I sent a couple of copies of my book to a couple of my old teachers – the ones who got me interested in literature and history in the first place and who I looked up to and respected (and, of course, still do). There were other good ones (see below somewhere) but I wouldn’t know where to find them. Anyway, back to the point. I received a letter from one of them this morning which was really lovely. And in it, was this: ‘It was a pleasure to teach you and is most pleasing you have continued your interests in literature beyond school.’ Thank you very much. I would agree whole-heartedly with the second phrase; the first, well, if he says so!

Running a workshop tomorrow. Then Wilmslow Library on Saturday. Then a signing on Monday. Then I get to write. And maybe a lie-in.

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