Still at it

And it’s still fun. And that, by my reckoning, is really, really important. I am, of course, referring to the Roaming Roman Book Tour I’m in the middle of, in support of the release of my debut novel, ‘I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do?’.

Today, as part of the tour, I visited Bollington Cross Primary School (where I used to go!) and spent some time with Miss Hughes’ class. And, as had been the case when I’ve worked with Bollington Cross before, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As with all of the schools I’ve visited on this tour I’ve been really impressed with everyone involved.

The downside to having all this fun in libraries and in schools is that writing time gets slashed. When I’m not actually on the road I’m preparing for the next visit, so writing kind of gets relegated. So as much as I’ll be sad when this is over, I’ll be happy in a way that I can give writing my attention. And that, I hope, will lead to another book and another tour. Fingers crossed!

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  1.  by  Julia Buckley

    Ooh, a triumphant return to your old school. That must’ve been really cool. How inspiring for the kids too. Good for you Nik.

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