Good Schools and a late F1 congrats

In all the school visits and workshops I’ve done I don’t think I’ll ever not be surprised at how quickly they’re over. Today I visited St John’s school in Bollington, where I talked to the whole school in assembly, read from my book and then worked with two different classes on two different things. And the afternoon just flew by. That’s what they say happens, when you’re having fun, and I certainly was – but it seems like I was heading off for it ten minutes ago – not three hours.

I’m happy and relieved to say that I’ve yet to be disappointed by a school I’ve visited, and St John’s was no exception. They’ve got a great, positive Headmaster, wonderful teachers and, most importantly, a fab bunch of children, who are all bright, enthusiastic, eloquent and interested, and who all made my visit a really enjoyable one. Thanks, everyone at St John’s.

A lot of credit, I feel, needs to go to everyone involved with all the schools- to the teachers, the Heads, assistants, non-teaching staff and the children, for working together.


I also want to say a big (and, sadly, belated) congrats to my friend, Doc, and the rest of the Renault F1 team, for their recent success. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to mention this but I don’t follow F1 and didn’t realise the season was over. Well done! Now for the hat-trick!


And tomorrow should be good as well. I’m going back to where it (almost) all began. I’m visiting one of my old schools and I’m very much looking forward to it.


And while I’m on the subject of teachers, I wanted to mention the few whose lessons and advice really stuck with me. So, Mr Williams, Mr Wilson, Mr Hill, Mr Andrew, Mr Edwards, Mr Harboard and Miss Sellars: thank you. I doubt you’ll be reading this, but you never know…

It’s a shame there are so few, and there seemed to be just as many who were the complete opposite. Of course I’ll not list those here, but I will thank them – for (through no intent of their own) making me want to prove them wrong.

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