Short(ish) Entry

Nothing of any note has happened today. It’s been one of those grey, not got much done even though I’ve been busy all day days. They happen every now and again. I’ve been mostly busying myself with preparation for tomorrow’s appearance at Poynton Library, for the Roaming Roman Book Tour. All very exciting stuff. I’ll post a report once that’s done.

This site’s worth a nosy. It’s the blog of a very nice writer/journalist/cartoon character/ lady, called Julia Buckley, who’s writing a novel. I must add that I think the premise of her book sounds brilliant. All the best with it, Julia.

I also want to mention M. I’m not going to mention her by name, but I know she had some pretty rubbish news today, news that I really don’t think she deserves. If you’re reading, M, dust yourself down and get back on that horse. You’re really very good.

And that’s about it for this week. More (time permitting) tomorrow.

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