Nice Day

Well I did as I intended and made the most of my Sunday. I slept for most of the morning and spent the afternoon with my girlie walking. We went to The Edge, a fab bit of woodland between Alderley and Macclesfield which overlooks the Cheshire Plains. It was absolutley gorgeous there – a proper, crisp and colourful Autmn day. I took my camera with the intention of taking some snaps. What I didn’t take was a memory card for it. True to form! I don’t think that anyone who knows me would be surprised at that. There is something about the Edge that’s ever so slightly spooky. It has an odd atmosphere in places. It’s the sort of place that could easily be on the edge of Faerie.

There’s a great legend that goes with it – about King Arthur and Merlin which you can see here, and there is also a connection between this and a rather famous book by Alan Garner.

All in all a very nice day. I feel refreshed. Shame it’s only for one day though – back at the grindstone tomorrow for another six day week!

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