The Night Before the Morning After

I’ve had quite a good week. Been able to get on with a fair bit of writing, as well as all the other bits that have to be done. Those other bits, thankfully, haven’t got in the way too much.

I am officially working on a new novel. And do you know how I know? I know because I’ve just dedicated two notebooks (one large, one small) and a document wallet to it. All of my serious WIPs have their own file once they get serious, so this one’s officially in the club.

And I’m pretty much all set for tomorrow’s leg of the Roaming Roman Book Tour at Bollington Library. Everything’s ready and arranged and just needs loading into the car.

I’m still a little frustrated to hear that there are a fair few people have yet to receive my book, even though they ordered it some time before it was released. The message from my publishers is the same – sorry for the delay -it will be with you soon.

And you can see part of an interview I did for the fabulous writers’ site writewords, here.

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