Never Enough Time

There really isn’t! I know I moan about it (a lot) but it just seems to slip by and so quickly.

I managed another reasonably good day of writing. Not what I thought I’d be writing, but writing none the less. I haven’t got as much done as I’d have hoped (and any minute now I have to jump in my car and drive to the writers’ group I run) but at least I’ve done some. And there’s always tomorrow to do more.

I must have spent half an hour trying to think of a last name for a new character I’m writing about. Picking a name, and making sure it’s the right one can be so difficult. It has to sound right, reflect the character’s background and, erm, character and (hopefully) be memorable – along with all the other bits. I think I’m happy with the one I’ve chosen. Only time will tell!

So there you go. A reasonable day so far.

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