So, we’re here. Finally. This is blog post number 1000!

(I warn you now, this post is a big one. But only because of all the free and discounted stuff I’m giving away!)

First off, thanks to all who’ve dropped by here to read, and an extra special thanks to those who’ve come back. I honestly wouldn’t have kept at this were it not for you.

So, to celebrate…

This blog, as far as I’m concerned has always been about two things: me burbling on about things I find interesting, and trying to spread the word about good books and fiction and stuff.

So, here’s what I would like you to do. Over this week, I’d like you to recommend a book/arts/writer’s blog here. Put it in the comments with a link so people can see and visit (and they’ll see your blogs too, of course).

And what do you get for doing this? I’ll tell you what. You’ll get the chance to win a signed copy of one of my books. Either my children’s one, ‘I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do?‘ or my short story collection, ‘Not So Perfect‘. I’ll pop names into a tin and pick them out at random (ie when I feel the urge). There will be five winners and I’ll write whatever those winners would like me to in their books.


In my other job, I edit and give feedback on short stories. This usually costs £45. If you send in a story and include the passcode ‘1000’ I’ll do it for £25 (limited to the first 10, with the first one being FREE).


And here’s a first (well, two firsts, actually!). I never post my own stories here, but as today’s a little bit special I’ve decided to make an exception (well, two exceptions!).

Here’s a never seen before story. And it’s a love story. I think it’s the only love story I’ve ever written and it feels kind of appropriate.

I Have Never Kissed You in a Taxi
Nik Perring
I have never kissed you in a taxi. It’s true and I tell you that. You say, ‘What?’ so I say it again.
            I smile. Meet your eyes and I speak, all serious, like this really, really matters. I really think it does.
            I tell you a second time. But before I do I shift closer, put a hand on yours to make my words heavy.  
            ‘I have never kissed you in a taxi,’ I say.
            You frown and smile at me, both at the same time. You say, ‘Really?’ and when I nod you go on, you continue, you say, ‘Is that really important?’
            Important? Of course it’s important. It’s everything to me.
            I want to kiss you everywhere.
            I want to take you to Paris, take you up the Eifel Tower, right to the top and I want to kiss you there. I want to take you to Berlin and to Boston and to China – press my lips to yours by the Great Wall. I want to take you everywhere, to show the world that you’re mine, to them all just what we’ve got.
            Then I say, ‘I’ve ordered a cab.’
            ‘When for?’ you ask.
            I look at my watch and say, ‘About half an hour.’
            You ask me where we’re going.
            ‘I don’t know,’ I reply. ‘It doesn’t matter.’
            You do that smiling-frowning thing again. You look at me. ‘But I don’t know what to wear,’ you say, ‘and even if I did there isn’t enough time for me to get ready.’
            ‘That doesn’t matter either,’ I tell you, because what matters is kissing you in a taxi, because we’ve never done that before. Because I want to show you to the world.          
            And because I never want us to run out of places to kiss.


So, what are you waiting for?

Once again, a really heartfelt THANK YOU for reading and for your support. It means an awful, awful lot.

Looking forward to your blog suggestions.

Much love, thanks and appreciation,


69 Comments on “1,000

  1.  by  kathryn_shhhh

    Brilliant story! Funny and touching. I already have your book so I'll leave it to others to win, but my blog suggestion anyway is http://www.makingeggs.blogspot.com/ I see you already follow her but maybe others don't…so Emily McPhilips is my recommendation, she's wonderful! (I'll stop singing her praises now/acting like a loony, if you're reading this Emily)x

  2.  by  miss-neat

    Congratulations for the three-figure number, Nik! Many more, please – I always enjoy stopping by to read. Keep doing what you're doing. And thanks for the special treats! Reading the never seen before story made me want to call a taxi… 😉

  3.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Great story, Nik, and happy celebrations! 1,000th blog entry – wow. Here's to the next 1,000.My blog recommendation is http://womenrulewriter.blogspot.com/ written by Nuala Ni Chonchuir, an Irish writer (author of "You") who's always generous with recommendations and reminders regarding writing contests and other opportunities to improve our craft.

  4.  by  Andy

    Congrats Nik! I recommend:eight cuts, http://eightcuts.com/. eight cuts exists to champion extraordinary literature from people you may never have been given the chance to encounter, be it a single poem, a performance or a body of novels. Kaffe in Katmandu, http://kaffeinkatmandu.tumblr.com/.there’s nothing like kaffe in katmandu. you probably never went to katmandu, did you. katmandu is the place shipwrecked penguins dream of. the kaffe is the place where our members hang out and post what they find what they channel what they make. Hope you enjoy both, they are great sites. Will now read your story.Best Andy

  5.  by  angela

    congratulations nik! love the story, as ever.i doubt there are any blogs i read you dont already know about!

  6.  by  Paul D. Brazill

    Smashing story and congratulations.Blog worth a gander:The Psychopathology of everyday lifehttp://adrianmckinty.blogspot.com/

  7.  by  dan powell

    Congratulations, Happy 1000th post day. Always a pleasure to read.The blog I would suggest is Sunset over Slawit by my mate Rol Hirst. It's subject matter is a mix of music, writing, and life – which is really everything important in this world.

  8.  by  Sofluid

    Loved the story and congratulations on your thousandth post!I recommend Rachel Fenton's blog, Snow Like I Thought. Rachel is both a writer and an artist and is very inspiring :)http://snowlikethought.blogspot.com/

  9.  by  Nik Perring

    Hey Bryony! Lovely to see you here, as ever!Thank you – you're very kind. And thanks for the recommendations too!

  10.  by  Martin Reed

    Happy millenium, Nik – and a great story to celebrate it. Congrats.My recommendation is for Valerie O'Riordan's blog – Not Exactly True – just a generally lovely and talented writerly person.

  11.  by  Sam Sattler

    Congrats on number 1000, Nik…nice, round number that. I'll look forward to many more from your pen.My blog suggestion is one that always makes me smile. It involves little snippets of conversation from a married couple (as seen from the wife's point-of-view). The Class Factotum Speakshttp://class-factotum.blogspot.com/

  12.  by  Steve Murphy

    Cool story Nik, brought a smile to my face and I guess there are always new taxis so never without a new place for that kiss, nice !I'd recommend Inkhaven http://inkhaven.blogspot.com/, Annie writes some great stuff about her local area down in Brighton, I'm always hit with a tinge of the green eye when I read about her ventures along the beach.Congratulations on the 1000th.All the bestSteve

  13.  by  Nik Perring

    Steve – thanks for dropping in and for the good wishes and recommendation – I'll check it out very soon.Thanks again!

  14.  by  Steve Murphy

    I've had a look through the recommendations by other contributors and added links on my blog so I can keep abreast of their things, don't mean to "Nik" your ideas but what a great idea Nik.Steve

  15.  by  Nik Perring

    Steve – that's brilliant and that's exactly what I was hoping for! Sharing's good!(I'd also point you towards my blogroll – lot's of great places there…)

  16.  by  Nora Nadjarian

    beautiful story! i love the last line- and congratulations on the anniversary of your blog :)recommended blog: Tania Hershmanhttp://www.titaniawrites.blogspot.com/

  17.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks so much Clodagh! That's a lovely thing to hear (others would disagree though, sadly!).Love Alison's blog – that's one I'd recommend too!

  18.  by  Megan

    Woah!!Amazing story. I may need to call a cab. Don't tell my husband.Congratulations on a thousand, Nik!m x

  19.  by  Steve Murphy

    Hi Nik, another blog I find very funny is http://kludgespot.blogspot.com/ Kludge is running a Man Week series at the minute, kind of retort to International Women's Day last week, it's very funny and Kludge always makes me laugh, always worth a visit to put a smile on your face 🙂

  20.  by  Rob

    First off, congratulations on the 1000th post Nik. That's a pretty major achievement. I look forward to the next 1000 :).Secondly, thanks for sharing one of your 'never seen before' stories with us. It was a real pleasure to read it, and not a little warming on a chilly afternoon up here in Scotland.WarmestRob

  21.  by  Nik Perring

    Hey Rob – thanks for dropping by. Always a pleasure to see you here.Thanks too for the congrats and the good wishes! And I'm glad you enjoyed the little story!Nik

  22.  by  M L Poncelet

    Nik, congratulations on reaching1000 posts! Wow, what an accomplishment. Love your story – sweet! I'd like to plug my own blog which you may have visited: http://oceanbluepress.com where I post short stories twice weekly. Check it out if you have a chance in between the next thousand! :0)

  23.  by  Catt

    Hello Nik! Firstly, I absolutely flaming love that story. But then, I don't think you could write a story I don't like. You know I adore your work. You say to recomment a book/arts/writer's blog, and be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of one of your books. Well, don't worry about entering me into getting a book, but I still want to pop by and make a recommendation or too. & I'm sorry I haven't earlier. & I am sorry if any of these are doubles. Firstly, Nicola's blog. I've learned SO much from Nicola, who is the loveliest of Crabbit's. http://helpineedapublisher.blogspot.com/Next, D.J. Kirkby's blog. She is lovely and I enjoy her posts, especially the wednesday *snerk*http://djkirkby.co.uk/blog/Now my friend Leslie's. She is fab and shares lots of writing, which rocks. http://moondustwriter.com/Another friend, Kath. The Nut Press is fantastichttp://nutpress.co.uk/And I just have to recommend your own, Nik. I always enjoy reading your posts, and you are lovely!http://nikperring.blogspot.com/But that's just a small sample. There are so many blogs out there, and I do recommend making new friends, reading reviews and interviews etc through blogging, but also there's SO much writing advice, for example, with help I need a publisher and How Publishing Really Works, and I've learned no end. But I love having my own blog too. Catt x

  24.  by  Effie

    Great blog. Great story. I have your book, Not So Perfect – which totally is perfect of course – but I'm sure you've heard that a lot. My recommendation goes to the fabulous Sally Quilford http://sallyquilfordblog.co.uk/because she's real, a proper writer who goes through it and blogs about it. She shares her highs and her lows and talks with brutal honesty about how she feels and when it's good and when it's bad. There's nothing pretentious about Sally and she's been a great inspiration over the years. Her writing competition calendar is fabulous and I've managed to even win the odd one or two. There are many other fabulous blogs that I follow – many of them above and I could say great things about them all. One of the greatest things about writers is that they share, encourage and inspire everyone around them. It might be a great big competition but the writers I know and network with share. And that's one of the greatest things of all. Thank you.

  25.  by  Rachel Fenton

    Hi Nik,sorry for being about a billion tinterweb lifetimes late but I wanted to tell you how simply, honestly touchingly lovely your story is. Congratulations for it and your 1000th, and all the fab things that will find you anon.http://therainbownotebook.blogspot.com/ is a blog I try never to miss – Andrea is a young kiwi writer I've followed since before her first publication, who always blogs about something which inspires me.And thanks to Sofluid's Michelle for giving me a mention! Her blogs ace, too.Better late than never, eh?

  26.  by  Nik Perring

    So sorry – it looks like a few replied didn't get through for some reason!Thank you Catt! Great recommendations!N x

  27.  by  Nik Perring

    And thank you Rachel – that's an ace thing to hear – and I second the recommendation for your blog too!

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